YPN News 1-28-2017

INTRO: Pay close attention, the news you are about to see is fulfilling Bible Prophecy.


Caton: Welcome to another edition of YPN News bringing you news as it relates to Bible Prophecy and foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. Living for six days without lungs, building walls of division and how close are we to doomsday? Today’s news will go a little more in detail on these topics and more.


Caton: But first, it’s being called a medical world’s first. A woman on a list for a double lung transplant lived for six days without her lungs inside her body while she waited for a transplant. Chief surgeon Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, one of the 13 doctors explained to RT why such drastic measures were taken in this case. He said, “With blood pressure supporting drugs, antibiotics along with the extra-caporal lung support pump we couldn’t even keep her blood pressure up and it was quite clear she was going to die that day…


Jeffrey: He continued, “…after thinking carefully and having encountered this before we realized that the only option was to remove the source of the infection. In her case both lungs.


Caton: When you’re sick most people go to the hospital. But what if your hospital had dangerous contaminants in the drinking water? That’s exactly what was found in a New Jersey hospital, where high levels of lead were found in the drinking water. The Englewood hospital has switched to bottled water and tank water, in eight of its facilities as a result. This was prompted after the State Department of Environmental Protection released a report. Now the hospital release a statement on the matter as follows…


Jeffrey: “…Out of an abundance of caution, we are providing bottled and or tank water throughout our medical center, including on all units for patients and employee use in the kitchen for all meal preparation. We have placed notices about this issue throughout the campus.” on December 21st water samples from some of its buildings detected lead levels that exceeded the federal limit.


Caton: After the hospital received a notice from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection or the NJDEP, they issued a statement saying, “We take this issue very seriously and are working in cooperation with the NJDEP to determine the source of the lead and remedy the issue.”


Jeffrey: The noticed continued, “… Our patients health and safety is our primary concern. We are being vigilant in our efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our patients, visitors and staff and all those who come to our facility.”


Caton: Dr. Bruce Ruck, the managing director of New Jersey poison center at Rutgers University said that, “It was highly unlikely that anyone exposed to lead at the facility is in any real dangerous risk because it was for such a short amount of time and those who would have been exposed would not ingesting any significant amount of lead. In general, the amount of water that someone would drink at the hospital, it is very unlikely to have high levels of lead.”


Jeffrey: And Caton, that doctor concluded by saying that although no level of lead is good, the key is to separate the individual from the source.


Caton: Jurors around the country are going to begin hearing cases against drug maker Abbvie about the dangers associated with their testosterone treatments. According to court documents, Andro Gel a testosterone product made by the company has been linked to a big increase to heart attacks and strokes in men who use that product. The company is accused of deceptive marketing practices along with hiding the facts concerning the dangers surrounding Andro Gel’s use.


Jeffrey: Some of those marketing practices included trying to sell to people who absolutely didn’t need it. The FTC is also accusing the company of pay-offs to competitors to keep competition low. Regarding the companies awareness of the danger of the products use, one report gave some startling evidence…


Caton: That report stated, “A recent randomized clinical trial of testosterone therapy in men with a high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases was stopped prematurely due to adverse cardiovascular events raising concerns about testosterone therapy safety.” In effect Jeff, testing told the company that the product was so dangerous that clinical studies had to be stopped.


Jeffrey: The FDA even got involved stating on their website of the dangers of testosterone products even when used as directed. Initially drug companies designed the testosterone drugs for older men with low levels of testosterone. But that’s only a small percentage of the market, not enough to make billions of dollars in profits. So they went after men of all ages marketing to them that any problem that they had could be resolved with testosterone therapy.


Caton: So it seems like it was more money driven than something that was beneficial for the health and safety of their patients. As a result, sales topped one billion dollars. According to a lawsuit filed by the FTC against Abbvie, the company began bribing competitors to keep their products off the market a tactic that the FTC calls pay-to-delay scams.


Jeffrey: UK’s PM Theresa May, is being tight lipped about a trident missile failed test-firing ahead of a parliamentary vote on whether or not to renew Britain’s nuclear deterrent. In an interview with the BBC, she was asked if she knew of the test. There was not a yes or no answer given.


Caton: Trident is the UK’s missile defense system based in Scotland and is comprised of four nuclear armed submarines which are approaching the end of their working lives and are due for decommission in the next 10 years. Last year the UK voted to renew the aged system with a cost up to 100 billion euros. As the vote came near, May stressed the reliability of trident and said there were no alternatives.


Jeffrey: Pope Francis has warned against growing populism in Europe,. These warnings come as a wave of populism (support or concern of ordinary people) comes over Europe. He also said that voters angry with traditional political elite have thrown their weight behind nationalist anti-immigrant leaders. He also said in times of crisis we lack judgments and that is a constant reference for me. He concluded, Hitler didn’t steal the power, the people voted for him and he destroyed the people.


Caton: Back to the windy city, Chicago where this year’s number of shootings have already topped last years. Up to 228 from 2016’s 216. 42 homicides in 2017 compared to 32 a year ago. President trump said something has to be done about it or he will have to intervene. He tweeted, “if Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible carnage going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 murders (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the feds.”


Jeffrey: President Trump’s comments came a day after Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel criticized Trumps priorities, saying “you didn’t get elected to debate the crowd size of your inaugural.” That had people wondering if the mayor’s comments had solicited the President’s Tweet or if he’s been considering executive action, even marshal law.


Caton: Pat Dowell a City Council member in Chicago, said, “I think he’s talking about federal troops, well we don’t really need that in Chicago. What we need is federal funds for education, redevelopment and job training. If he’s talking about federal investment in Chicago in terms of money we’re all for that, more jobs not jails…”


Jeffrey: But White House Press Secretary Shawn Spicer said the President was talking about more than money saying, “…there’s other aid that can be extended as well through the U.S. Attorney’s office or other means to ensure that the people of Chicago have the resources to feel safe.” As for now the feds are already in Chicago assisting law enforcement but they’d welcome more.


Caton: Spicer also said that the president would like to start a dialog with the city. He also added that I think what the president is upset about is turning on the television and watching Americans get killed by shootings.


Jeffrey: In other news related to the President, Prime Minister Netanyahu received an invite to visit D.C. next month. YPN’s Larry McGee is following that story for us, as well as the latest concerning the Presidents controversial proposal concerning the wall. Larry what is the latest?


Larry: After months of U.S.-Israeli tensions, the new President is extending the peace pipe, to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with an invitation to the nation’s capital for a sit down. The two are purposed to work closely on several key issues- including the hot button topic of Iran. President Trump has been publicly vocal concerning his unwavering support for, and commitment to, the security and safety of Israel, in hopes of easing hostilities following the U.S.’s failure to veto a U.N. resolution against Israeli settlements.


Larry: The matter has still not been settled however, between the new President and the nation’s southern neighbor, and President Trump is now reported to be making efforts to deliver on his campaign promise of constructing a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The President is maneuvering to accomplish the action through the power of executive orders, and the endeavor so far has been met with the expected degree of public outrage and protest. Despite the President’s campaign claims however, there was initially widespread skepticism regarding the practicality and feasibleness of the idea; but that has now apparently all dissolved amid the determination of the President’s current push.


Larry: The Administration has also taken Executive action to boost the U.S.’ deportation forces, and has proposed to fund construction with tax-payer dollars, to be later recouped in some fashion from the Mexican government. Commentators are taking note of how swift the President has been to deliver on his promises. On his first day, he nullified the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty. On day two, he cancelled construction on the Keystone XL pipelines, and restored access to the Dakota people; and on day three, the President ordered mobilization on the southern wall. The newly installed Head says he has nothing against the people of Mexico, but nation without borders is simply not a nation. The Mexican proposal is merely one element of the President’s broader goal of immigration reform however, which is also believed to include forth coming action preventing immigration into the States by Syrian refugees.


Larry: In commenting on that last detail in prior interviews, President Trump has said that the U.S. has enough problems, without allowing people to come in, who in many cases or in some cases, are looking to do tremendous damage. The President has acknowledged an intention to exclude certain nations outright; and for others the controversial leader has said there will be extreme vetting. This is all due to be a part of a plan that is reported to include: suspending the refugee admissions program for 120 days; an indefinite blockade on Syrian refugees; and instituting an overall cap on refugees to be admitted into the country in 2017 to 50,000.


Larry: Moreover, the leader has proposed a ban on seven key nations in the Euphrates region, the list includes: Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, and Iraq. Analyst are quick to note that General Wesley Clark had earlier identified the same list of nations – with the exception of Yemen – as U.S targets some time ago, in plan designed to use force to conquer seven countries in five years. (See video “Truth about the Middle East, Wesley Clark” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brckLyM1_FE) for YPN News, I’m Larry McGee. Caton, Jeff…Back to you.


Caton: Quite interesting. I remember bringing that out about Wesley Clark several times in several of our previous episodes. It doesn’t look like anything is really building towards peace with those initiatives on the table. Rival Palestinian Groups Hamas and Fatah announced the creation of a new unity government in mid-January and are now working on writing a new document, displaying the unified governments positions and goals. Osama Hamdan a Senior Leader and spokesperson for Hamas was recently interviewed on Al Jazeeras Up Front. The British journalist questioned him about the language of the current Charter which blames Israel for all the worlds problems, including Communism, and instigating World War I and World War II.



Jeffrey: When asked why not just take the anti-Semitic language out of the Charter to show Hamas is truly not anti-Semitic, Hamdan responded, When we are talking about the Jews, we are not against their religion. We are not against their beliefs. We are not against them as a people who believes. In fact we believe in Moses…. We believe he was Prophet like Mohamedand we believe they are the same. So we are against the one who is occupying our lands. We are against the one who is occupying our cities, villages.



Caton: And thats been a big sore spot with settlements that Israel is continuing to build in. He continued, We have said clearly, well have a clear political document which is supposed to be in the near future, clarifying all those points. And you will find in all those documents a clear, clear words that we are against, Zionists against occupation of our lands. And we will resist occupiers whoever they are. And we are not against anyone regarding to his religion or to his race.


Jeffrey: He was vague however on when this document would be coming out or what exactly it would consist of, only to say, Very soon and to ask him, “…after the document is declared.  When further pressed to say if Hamas now supports a Two State Solution, Hamdan made it clear he was NOT authorized to answer such a question. He kinda said, wait and see, wait for the document to come out.


Caton: Well the new US Administration is also working on changes in their government. The Environmental Protection Agency, in particular is feeling the squeeze. Trumps officials are temporarily silencing the EPA to get them on the same page with the Presidents public statements.


Jeffrey: This is causing concerns around the country including Trumps Alma-Mater, the University of Pennsylvania which is home to PPEH or Penn Program in Environmental Humanities. Environmentalists, like PPEHs founding director, Professor Bethany Wiggin focused on Trumps climate change rhetoric throughout the campaign. 


Caton: Words from Trump like, All of this with the global warming. A lot of its a hoax. are why Wiggin, her colleagues and her students are now racing to back-up any information they can get from government websites to other servers. As of Tuesday, January 24th the Trump Administration has ordered a social media blackout for all EPA employees. The government says it is temporary, but peoples fear that access to data will be limited as environmental protections are changed.



Jeffrey: Professor Wiggin says, Im really worried that the facts might become more difficult to access. So theres a kind of a vulnerability of internet materials already. They become more vulnerable still when controlled by an administration who finds them inconvenient. So theyre trying to get as much information up there before its gone.


Caton: To show their disagreement with the administrations decision, Badlands National Park put out some Tweets about Climate change and then later deleted them. Trumps own nominee for Head of Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt also clearly disagreed with Trumps position during his hearing, telling Senators that he did NOT believe global warming was a hoax.


Jeffrey: But just last May Pruitt wrote, “…scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind. That debate, he said, should be encouraged…”


Caton: Rachel Cleetis of the Union of Concerned Scientists, thinks Pruitts words at the hearing are quote, “… a dangerous new form of climate denialthe sort of climate denial that says its real, but we dont know whats causing it. And basically its yet another way to kick the can down the road and not take any action. She says the safety of the earths climate will suffer for the sake of economic growth.


Jeffrey: Another development that deservers mentioning Caton, the CDC abruptly canceled its long-planned Climate and Health Summit just days before Trumps inauguration. The conference was going to inform health officials from around the country on the growing evidence on climate change affecting public health.


Caton: So what does the President say about all this? After meeting with auto executives the other day he commented, I am to a large extent an environmentalist. I believe in it. Kind of confusing.


Jeffrey: Weve reported in the past how Vatican spokeman have said the earth needs to be depopulated by about 6 billion people.  Of course, this information is not widely known by the general public however there are those who are hinting at the fact that the earth needs to be thinned out.  Take a look at this movie trailer for the thinning and see for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FbQoI8P7c4


Caton: Definitely an interesting take on the depopulation ideology. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist made an unprecedented announcement of their own this past week. In the event of Trumps Presidency, overturning many U.S. offices and the wider geopolitical turbulence the world has been facing, the Doomsday clock was moved 30 seconds forward to 2 ½ minutes before midnight.


Jeffrey: Rachel Bronson, from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, gave the reasons concisely as to what would cause such a drastic move. In a statement she said, The first, has been a cavalier and reckless language used across the globe especially in the United States during the Presidential election and after, around nuclear weapons and nuclear threats.


Caton: And the second, she continued, is growing disregard of scientific expertise. Expertise that is needed when it comes to responding to pressing global challenges, including climate changeThe board concluded in no uncertain terms that words matter in ensuring the safety and security of our planet. They are not the same as actions, but they matter a lot, especially when the risks of accident and miscalculation are so high. She added that influential actors change their behavior in response to leaders words which quote, do not promote confidence and steady or smart decision making.


Jeffrey: Mikhail Gorbachev is one leader who consistently promoted a world with less nuclear weapons. The former head of the USSR, wrote an opinion piece for Time Magazine during the first week of Trumps Presidency. His purpose, he writes is, It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War. The Nobel Peace Prize winner said of his post, Politicians and military leaders sound increasingly belligerent and defense doctrines more dangerouscommentators and TV personalities are joining the bellicose chorus.


Caton: Recently President Donald Trump Tweeted; The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. Gorbachev who oversaw an agreement with the U.S. to reduce nuclear arsenals now watches as Trump possibly begins the reversal of decades of American policy concerning nuclear arms.


Jeffrey: Theres no sign the new US President is going to back-down. On MSNBCs Morning Joe in December he said, Let it be an arms Race. Only one other time Caton, has the Doomsday clock has been moved this close to the total annihilation. That was the year 1953. If you remember thats when the US and Soviet Union tested their first hydrogen bombs. 


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