There is Only One Way to Achieve Eternal Life



Yisrayl Provides Scriptural Proof…


People, in this prophesied, present generation, think little or nothing of what is called the Holy Scriptures. Yet, only in those Scriptures is the Way to Eternal Life shown.


Not only is Eternal Life shown, but also the way to peace, abundant joy, healthy minds and bodies, and abundant living.


In these Inspired Scriptures, the Creator, Who created mankind, gives Laws of Righteousness that He shows will bring about all of the previously mentioned things to the earth and to those living throughout the universe.


In fact, He shows in these same Inspired Holy Scriptures that the reason He created mankind was for the purpose of bringing mankind to Perfection in Righteousness and giving mankind, after being trained by Yahweh, Authority to educate all beings on earth and in the universe in the way to True Peace, Joy, Love and Abundant Living.


The Catholic Church is actually preventing mankind from achieving the goal for which Yahweh created mankind. In their desire to rule, and to selfishly fulfill their own lust and their craving for power, the Roman Catholic Church has held mankind back from what the Savior, Yahshua Messiah, shows that Yahweh offers mankind.


Mankind was created and placed on earth around 4004 BCE.


The proposition was put before the man, Adam, and Eve, his wife, to qualify for an everlasting position in what is called the Kingdom of Yahweh or The House of Yahweh; both mean the same. Since that time, Yahweh shows that many people have kept Yahweh’s Laws, Statutes, and Judgments and have qualified for a position in the Kingdom of Yahweh.


It is said of Abraham that he obeyed.

Genesis 26:5

5 Because Abraham obeyed My Voice, and kept My Charge, My Commandments, My Statutes, and My Laws.


Sad, but true, all will not qualify themselves for Life in Yahweh’s Kingdom, and that’s the only reason mankind was created.


So, if anyone does not choose Righteousness and Life, he or she automatically has no right to the Tree of Life. They have chosen not to live and not to be a part of bringing Righteousness to the universe, the purpose for which they were created.


Sad to say, but many love sin, which actually keeps people from truly enjoying life.


Sin is the very thing that causes misery–sickness, disease, confusion, hatred, fighting, war, and destruction–and keeps people from enjoying life.


Luke 13:28

28 There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham, and Isaac, and Yaaqob, and all the Prophets in the Kingdom of Yahweh, and yourselves thrust out.


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