The Savior Did Not Cleanse the Pig

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One of the biggest lies ever told was that the pig was scripturally cleansed making it fit to eat.

The Book of Yahweh – the most accurate translation of Bible available today – clearly shows that the pig is an unclean animal and is not to be consumed.


Bible passage and footnote taken from The Book of Yahweh, The Holy Scriptures pages 850-851, a House of Yahweh publication


Acts 10:9-35


Kepha’s Vision of Unclean Things


9 The next day, as they went on their journey, and drew near the city, Kepha went up onto the housetop to pray about the sixth hour; around 12:00 noon.

10 Now he became very hungry, and wanted something to eat; but while they made ready, he fell into a trance,

11 And envisioned heaven being opened, and something like a great sheet lowered by the four corners, descending to the earth.

12 And within it were all kinds of four-footed beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and birds of the air.

13 And there came a voice to him; Rise, Kepha; kill and eat.

14 But Kepha said; By no means, Ruler, for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean.

15 And the voice came to him again a second time; What Yahweh has cleansed, you must not call common.

16 This was done three times, then the sheet was taken up to heaven again.


Kepha Wonders What This Vision Means


17 Now while Kepha was wondering within himself what this vision, which he had seen meant, behold, the men who had been sent from Cornelius had asked where Simon’s house was, and stood in front of the gate.

18 They called out and asked whether Simon, whose surname was Kepha, was lodging there.

19 Now while Kepha was thinking about the vision, the Spirit said to him; Behold, three men seek you.

20 Arise therefore, and go below and go with them, doubting nothing; for I have sent them.


Kepha Summoned to Gentiles in Caesarea


21 Then Kepha went down to the men who had been sent to him from Cornelius, and said; Behold, I am he whom you seek. For what purpose have you come?

22 And they said; Cornelius the centurion, a just man, one who reverences Yahweh and has a righteous reputation among the whole nation of the Yahdaim, was instructed by a holy malak to send and have you brought to his house, and to listen to your words; your teaching pertaining to the Law and the Prophets.

23 Then he invited them in and lodged them. The next day Kepha went away with them, and certain brothers from Yaffo accompanied him.

24 Then the next day after that, they entered into Caesarea. And Cornelius waited for them, and had called together his kinsmen and close friends.


The Meaning of Kepha’s Vision Revealed


25 And as Kepha was entering, Cornelius met him, and fell down at his feet, and worshiped him.

26 But Kepha raised him up, saying; Stand up! I myself am only a man.

27 And as he talked with him, he went in, and found many who had come together.

28 And he said to them; You yourselves are aware how it is not Lawful for a Yahdai to associate with one of another nation, or to enter his house; but Yahweh has shown me that I must not call any man common or unclean.

29 Because of this, I came without objection when I was sent for. So now I ask, for what reason have you sent for me?


Cornelius’ Explanation for Summoning Kepha


30 And Cornelius said; Four days ago I was fasting until this hour. And at the ninth hour I prayed in my house, and behold, a man stood before me in bright clothing.

31 And said; Cornelius, your prayer is heard, and your alms are held in remembrance in the sight of Yahweh.

32 Send therefore to Yaffo, and summon here Simon, whose surname is Kepha. He is lodging in the house of one Simon, a tanner, by the seaside; who, when he comes, will speak to you.

33 So I immediately sent for you, and you have done a kind thing by coming. Now, therefore, we are all present before Yahweh, to hear all the things commanded you by Yahweh.


Yahweh No Respecter of Persons


34 Then Kepha opened his mouth, and said; Of a truth I perceive that Yahweh is no respecter of persons;

35 But in every nation he who reverences Him, and works righteousness, is accepted by Him.



Verse 15 side-note from the Book of Yahweh reads as follows…


This is not saying that Yahweh or Yahshua Messiah have abolished the clean and unclean laws. As the Apostle Kepha himself explained, the vision he saw was to show him that any man, regardless of race, nationality, or bloodline, who reverences Yahweh, will be accepted by Him.


There is no open declaration by Kepha or anyone else involved with this vision that the clean and unclean Laws of Yahweh have now been abolished, and that such unclean animals as the pig, armadillo, or catfish, etc. are now acceptable to eat in Yahweh’s eyes.


In symbolically taking away the difference between the clean and unclean beasts, he shows there is no difference between Yahdaim and Gentiles, who fully keep, love and uphold the Laws of Yahweh.


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