The Mark of the Beast



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This book reveals the future, as prophesied by Yahweh; the only Being Who has proven He can foretell the future, thousands of years in advance.


The seven-year peace plan, confirmed with the late Yitzhak Rabin, Yasser Arafat and Bill Clinton in 1993, was written about in Volume 1 of this book in 1976, years before that peace plan came to pass.


Also revealed in these books is how and when the earth will be destroyed, and by whom; when that destruction is prophesied to start, who will be left alive, where they will be found and who will keep them alive. Also found in these books is why the earth will be destroyed.


Chapter Nine of Volume 1 is the only chapter inserted in this article, but you are encouraged to read the entire book. You can read this book online for free at


You could also get this book in print at or call The House of Yahweh for ordering information. I prefer printed books because you can tag and mark them, personalizing them with your notes for use in teaching.


The Mark of the Beast is not a book of interpretations. The Holy Scriptures are used to reveal and interpret the Prophecies, and various biblical and secular references are used to back up those Prophecies.


We are now living in the generation of the nuclear bombs that can darken the sun and burn the earth in one hour. This generation started in 1934 with the increase in knowledge. The nuclear bombs also started in the year 1934. I did too! I was born in 1934.


I urge you to hurry. Read this chapter and the rest of the book as soon as possible. Your life depends on it.


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