The Mark of the Beast, Chapter Nine, Part 12




Yisrayl Details the Second Babylon…


The Two Babylons Connected Through Drugs


U.S. News and World Report…


“After years of hesitation, Italy and the Roman Catholic Church finally are facing up to a problem long concealed behind a barrier of silence, lies and corruption…the Mafia.”


Once little more than a local protection racket centered on the island of Sicily, the Mafia has become one of the world’s leading drug entrepreneurs.


Today, its activities are generating profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Its tentacles reach into virtually every corner of Italian life, and it has become one of the major sources of heroin entering the United States.


 In the U.S. the 25 active families of the Mafia, of LA COSA NOSTRA, are estimated to gross up to 200 billion dollars a year from the kinds of crime with which it is usually associated: gambling, arson, loan-sharking, and drug-trafficking and tens of millions more.


Up to 60% of heroin reaching the U.S. is thought to be processed in Mafia-run laboratories on the island of Sicily. The value of this trade runs to about 6 billion dollars annually.


Most of this money, generated in America, returns to Italy to be laundered by corrupt bankers and invested by Mafioso in legitimate business.


Heroin, after being refined in Sicily, is moved by ship or air to the U.S. It is no coincidence that the New York-Rome-Palermo flight is now known in Sicily as the Godfather.

[Sorcery means drugs and those who deal in drugs.]


“Police on Sicily are said to have discovered four processing laboratories, each capable of producing 110 pounds of high-grade heroin a week-worth about 12 million dollars on New York streets.”


It is plain to see that when New York is destroyed, the major drug distribution area will be wiped out.


Our Numbering System


The numbering system in America today is the Arabic system, which employs Hindu-Arabic numerals, as Webster’s Dictionary confirms:


Arabic numbers the figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and the 0 (zero), orig. used in India: also called Hindu-Arabic numerals.


According to the Bible and Theological Dictionary, 1833, the eastern and northern parts of Arabia were first peopled by numerous families of Cush, the father of Nimrod, who was against Yahweh, Genesis 10:9.


Arabia, or at least the eastern and northern parts of it, were first peopled by some of the numerous families of Cush, who appear to have extended themselves, or to have given their name as the land of Cush, or Asiatic Ethiopia, to all the country from the Indus on the east, to the borders of Egypt on the west, and from Armenia on the north to Arabian Desert on the south.


By these Cushites, whose first plantations were on both sides of the Euphrates and Gulf of Persia, and who were the first that traversed the desert of Arabia, the earliest commercial communications were established between the east and the west.


Since Yahweh has given us the number 666, to identify a man, we can also use this number to identify Satan, who controls this man.


By using the Arabic numbering system and the English language, we discover many works of Satan numerically evolve (gammatria) to 666.


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