The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 9/6/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


Proverbs 22:6…Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. When we permit our children to play with replicas of war weapons, when we allow them access to violent video games, and when we glorify Hollywood superheroes before their eyes, we ought not to be surprised when they choose violence as a means to resolve conflict. Train up a child in the way he should go


There is a better way – Yahweh’s Way – His Law and The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.


Women’s Presentation


Today we heard from The House of Yahweh female teachers…


  • We received admonishments on how to conduct ourselves in righteousness


  • We can become like the One Sent – Yisrayl Hawkins, if we get involved in the Work of Yahweh
  • Develop a positive attitude while doing the work – sometimes it may be necessary to pretend but with the right effort the pretense will become a thing of the past as you begin to enjoy the work
  • Arrive on time and ask what you can do
  • Even though we may be tested we strive to push forward realizing that there will be no suffering in the Kingdom and that our efforts today are worth each test we endure
  • Be thankful as the Law states in prayer, praise, and deed
  • Making a personal list of what to be thankful for is beneficial
  • Set your mind in advance to not fall into negative behavior
  • We are representatives of the Peaceful Solution and we should not be hypocrites. In other words we must practice what we teach
  • Parents should allow their children to enjoy the Feast
  • We should apply the Peaceful Solution principle of replacement thoughts to deal with our own self-doubts
  • Examples of Norah, Miriam, Noah, and Pastor serve as examples of servants who endured


  • Without Yahweh’s guiding laws and teachers of righteousness there are problems


  • November 2013 and July 2014 Prophetic Word Magazines detail the prophecies about end times drought and they have caught everyone’s attention – prophecies are being fulfilled
  • GMO cross-contaminate organic farms
  • The high cost of education is keeping students in debt
  • Complacency may lead to forgetting what we ought to be thankful for


  • Yahweh’s Creation is marvelous


  • There is no need for a “better than..” the original food because Yahweh made it perfect from the beginning
  • The knowledge of Yahweh is free and in this knowledge there is great wisdom
  • Yahweh’s Way is unique and in that sense it has its own culture – developed in righteousness
  • Water is essential for all life and is found in all cells
  • Mini-studies on the water cycle and the formation of rain demonstrate Yahweh’s care for His Creation


We conclude the presentation with Positive Law #172 – Listen to and obey Yahweh’s Anointed Servant, the Overseer of The House of Yahweh.