The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 8/09/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


We see the world, as Yahshua said it would be in the last generation, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom (including micro-kingdoms), famines, pestilences (disease epidemics), and earthquakes (natural disasters). The prophet Amosyah prophesied that an adversary surrounds the land to take down the strength of Yahweh’s Creation.


A Women’s Presentation covered several important topics that depict current issues today. A visual medley of videos, demonstrations, signs, pictures, and various interesting props assisted the girls and women, in Yahweh’s House, to deliver their messages. The following are some of the highlights of the day…


Love has grown cold…


You will have continual war, vengeance, and retaliation. This was the message to Cain and a warning to those who follow the teachings from the Seven Hills of Rome.


Genetically altered foods fills the shelves in grocery stores by over 70% with no mandatory labelling required. GMO, known to cause health problems, leaves consumers vulnerable to the practices of Monsanto. Farmers commit suicide because their livelihoods are taken from them.


Today’s news speaks of child abuse, violence, and murder daily. Yahshua stated the love of the many would grow cold.


Yahweh’s Laws keep us safe and bring peace and joy…


Love your neighbor, whether a brother or an enemy, as yourself. These are peaceful words of Yahweh, given to mankind in His Original Law and repeated by Yahshua when asked to state the greatest Laws (Mattithyah 22:36-39).


Do not steal – can build hope for lasting peace.


Do not murder – hatred leads to conflict, war, and murder.


Do not bear false testimony – stops conflicts before they start


Feast of Tabernacles is near! Leviticus 23 tells us to build a succah and rejoice at the Feast.


Without the Laws of Yahweh, people do not differentiate between clean and unclean foods. Therefore, they suffer diseases and confusion of mind.


In Yahweh’s House, we learn how to protect the food supply.


Let us go to The House of Yahweh…


Deuteronomy 12:5, 7 says to seek The House of Yahweh and go there to keep the Feasts and rejoice.


We find joy in fellowship and service on the Sabbath.


Unlike Satan, we do not compete for a crown of riches. There are no losers in this race, only winners. The winners will endure until the end.


We need to control what we say. We have the opportunity to speak words that build up The House of Yahweh. Before we speak, we need to THINK…


T – Is it the truth?

H – Is it helpful?

I – Is it inspiring?

N – Is it necessary?

K – Is it kind?


We are made in Yahweh’s Image. That means we can change, so when we find ourselves acting inappropriately we should ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this?”


We conclude the review with encouragement to seek Yahweh’s House, discover its many treasures, and live!