The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 7/26/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will abide under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1). Yahweh protects His servants as they travel and present The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.


Future Priest Deacon White Buffalo spoke on becoming like Yahweh. He tells us we can count on Yahweh and we must develop positive character traits if we want Yahweh to count on us. Furthermore, we have to learn to have positive character traits so we can be in the Kingdom of Yahweh. The deacon reminds us that we can trust Yahweh – He is merciful and He looks at our efforts and our character traits. He wraps up his sermonette by saying we should, “Seek the Kingdom of Yahweh and His Righteousness.”


The Peaceful Solution Missionary Team attended a two-day event on July 23-24 in Laredo, TX. They presented Moral Excellence in the Workplace to an organization called Workforce Solutions based in Southern TX. This character education program easily fits several of their criteria and the team took full advantage of the opportunity to promote a peaceful solution to employees, employers, workplace leadership, and management.


We begin the review with highlights as presented by nine young Future Priests


  • Suitable for all employees as they learn it together as friends/peers
  • Can help stop workplace violence because an increased police presence, security guards, video surveillance and etc. does not stop the problem
  • Everyone wants hard working employees with positive character and work ethics
  • Teaches leaders about leadership and shows them how to correct others without de-valuing
  • Learn how to accept the decisions of others
  • Not taking credit for someone else’s work
  • Learn the difference between character and personality
  • Self-control can change negative thoughts to positive ones
  • Respectful interaction to avoid hurtful words
  • Teaching moral principles will help solve conflicts


Next, we heard from five Great Deacons


  • A positive attitude will promote a willingness to serve and stop individuals from thinking they are better than others; we should not strive to approve ourselves but rather be approved by Yahweh
  • A positive attitude helps to set positive goals and study continues to be an important part of our lives
  • The world is in a chaotic mess but the Peaceful Solution program has simple principles to solve every problem
  • Leaders can learn to show respect to others even when faced with disrespectful situations
  • Stressing the importance to stick with the program and not selectively teaching from it will ensure success
  • An education in the Peaceful Solution is better than the schools of higher learning; the Scriptures attest that the simple and unlearned will provide answers that will confound the wise


Lastly, we heard from five Great Kohans who wrapped up the presentation…


  • Employers encounter many problems generated by an unmotivated workforce
  • The Peaceful Solution program would help develop the right attitudes for the workplace
  • Scriptures show Yahshua Messiah choosing teachable workers
  • Asking at Abel means having the right mindset – we are here to serve and we should appreciate our calling and take it seriously
  • It is our choice and Yahweh wants to see the goals we set
  • We have everything we need to fulfill our jobs but we have to take the information and apply it in our lives – to be peacemakers
  • Everything we do and say in regards to promoting peace will produce positive effects
  • We should be like Yahweh and want everyone to make it
  • We aren’t competing against each other but we work together to follow rules and apply morality in all areas of our lives
  • Yahshua controlled His thoughts, we can follow His examples and bring our thoughts into subjection to what we have been taught – we know the rules


We conclude the review with encouraging words from one of the speakers, “There is a vast opportunity to teach the workplace program because there are more work areas than schools, churches, and etc. Think about what you can do in your area.”