The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 6/28/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


Great peace have they who love Your law, and nothing will offend them (Psalm 119:165). Today we heard from two Future Priests, a Kohan presenting the news, and an awesome sermon by our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins.


Future Priest Deacon Yaaqob began with Reverencing Yahweh. He set the tone by asking, “How?” The Book of Yahweh provided the answer by way of Law #4, Reverence Yahweh by keeping His Laws (Deuteronomy 6:1-2, 13, 25). He gave us steps to follow …


  1. Seek the Place
  2. Be prepared to listen
  3. Develop the right attitude


He reminded us of Psalm 119:165 and stated, “We will all be judged,” giving supporting verses from Revelation 20 and 22.


Future Priest Deacon Sholomo spoke on what the world is like because people reject the message given from the beginning. Reading from scripture, the Deacon rehearsed that message – keeping the Laws will complete Yahweh’s Plan of eternal life.


He took us back to 5/2010 Prophetic Word Magazine describing Pastor’s life growing up in Oklahoma. Dress styles were modest and sinful behaviors (Leviticus 18) rejected. He defined confusion and defilement, explaining that sin produced 125 STDs. With encouragement to study, Deacon Sholomo recaps Isayah 24:5-6 saying it is evident what is coming upon the world.


Great Kohan Yliyah provided the news highlighting the Middle East crisis, the death toll in Syria topping 160,000, the spreading Ebola virus in West Africa, and the conflict between Ukraine/Russia/EU. Another segment on the “business” of cancer treatments reaffirms that without the Laws of Yahweh the world is destined to fail.


“We are in the last part of the last generation…”


Overseer Yisrayl Hawkins began his sermon with an update on the latest press releases before presenting the benefits of salt. There is growing interest in The House of Yahweh and the scientific community is catching up with Yisrayl on the necessity of salt.


A recent article comes as a wake-up call, Halt salt? Not so fast: scientists say not enough can harm health[i]. Pastor captures some details for us – a lack of salt may mean heart problems, muscle cramps, nausea, headache, fatigue, electrolyte imbalance, and high blood pressure. Extolling the wisdom of Yahweh, Yisrayl states that there is nothing better to lend flavor to foods than salt. Use earplugs to block doctors who say to avoid salt and read Mark 9:49-50, Luke 14:34 for Yahshua’s teachings on salt – and be joyous.

Additional resource for your studies:


He takes a few moments to remind us about the jobs of the microorganisms and explains what occurred to Korah and 250 of his rebellious associates (Numbers 16). Pastor further reminds us of Yahshua’s teaching on having the ability to move mountains.


Building on his May 17th sermon, the Seventh Malak takes events from Numbers 16, I Samuyl 8, and Yahshua’s persecution, onward to the Vatican. Pastor states the Vatican is the temple of the gods today, holding the keys by blood (recall The Keys of this Blood).


Yisrayl’s teaching on this topic is both fascinating and informative. He gives a historical “connect-the-dots” to understand our world today. For many, recorded biblical events are mere stories but with Yisrayl, we learn these events not only took place, but also have shaped the course of history.


The Aaronic Priesthood


Yahweh established the Aaronic Priesthood under Mosheh and Aaron. Pastor explains we are the remnant of that Priesthood – Genesis 49 shows the bloodline to the Last Days.


  • When the children of Israyl came out of Egypt they had their minds on the present world only
  • Pastor explains they should have obeyed Mosheh, studied, and looked to the future.
  • They could have…
    • Become that Great Kingdom of Priests
    • To spread Yahweh’s Laws to others
    • And taught their children the ways of peace
  • The Korites were of the seed of Abraham, the twelve tribes (bloodline)
  • In Mosheh’s day, Korah and 250 of his followers rose up against him
  • Korah’s descendants later rose up against Samuyl
  • Samuyl warned them of what their way would bring – war and retaliation

The Descendants of Korah took the Aaronic Priesthood by Force


  • Pastor explains their history by way of Yahshua’s teachings (Yahchanan 8:37-39)
  • Yahshua knew He was speaking to Korites who had rejected the Laws
  • “You do what you have seen proceeding from your father,” said Yahshua
  • They were violent men who ran the temple – the gatekeepers – full access to the people
  • They rejected Yahshua because He exposed their sins; they beheaded Yahchanan because he pointed out the Laws to them; the Apostle Shaul followed their orders to persecute Law keepers
  • Yahshua said the Law “has no place in you”
  • They took over the building but rejected the purpose/plan
  • Later destroyed that building and moved to Rome
  • Pastor explains the difference between being seed/children of Abraham
  • Abraham’s children do “the works of Abraham” (Genesis 26:5)
  • Abraham’s seed – priests chosen by blood, not righteousness


Where is The Aaronic Priesthood Today? The Seven Hills of Rome


  • The Vatican …
  • Reaches out with evil god worship not even knowing what evil is – “Who am I to judge?”
  • Teaches from the catechisms – their beliefs down through the years
  • The gospel (god-spell)
  • “Armed forces” throughout the world – further evidence of violent nature


The Strength of Yahweh’s Kingdom – His Laws and Prophets


Pastor tells us to study, zealously; The Kingdom is not for the slothful. This is part of the Great Secret – called out of sin and taught how to live – eternally. Thankfully, Pastor teaches Yahweh’s Laws. He guides us to find our place, encouraging us to follow his instruction and teach our children the ways of peace – to be servants and not retaliate in any way. He tells us to look to the future and shows us the way to inherit the Kingdom.


Pastor admonishes us to…

  • Obey his instruction as he obeys Yahshua
  • Govern what we eat and drink – resist temptation
  • Follow his instruction regarding alcohol – refuse it
  • Recognize that cancer is in all people and only Yahweh’s Laws can control it


We conclude with words from the Greatest Teacher in the world who states that The House of Yahweh has plenty of training schools for anyone who wants the Kingdom. It’s a choice.



[i] Michelle, Raw (June 16, 2014). Halt salt? Not so fast: scientists say not enough can harm health. Natural News. Retrieved June 7, 2014,