The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 6/21/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


King David and Solomon exalted the Great Law of Yahweh as Truth and Light. The Savior said Yahweh’s people, those who uphold and live by His Laws, are the True Light of the world. Yahshua’s instruction to Yahweh’s people “Let your Light shine…”


On this Day, we glorified Yahweh as we heard from the Great Female Teachers in Yahweh’s House. The daughters of Yahweh displayed knowledge gained through teachings of Yisrayl.


  1. We Are Yahweh’s People


In observing the Sabbath and wearing the Holy Garments, we demonstrate we belong to Yahweh – we keep His Laws.


A clip from Pastor’s latest sermon, followed by an oral excerpt from another, reminds us that with Yahweh all things are possible. The question, “Are you sure you want the Laws of Yahweh in your life,” was greeted with a resounding “yes”! The prophets describe a time when there would be no justice. Re-listening to Pastor’s words makes it easy to acknowledge – we want Yahweh’s Laws, forever!


Yahweh gives us what we need and Yahshua prayed for – not only His disciples – but for us, in this Last Generation. Today, we have Yisrayl to teach and guide us to a sure foundation, built on the words of the Prophets and Savior.


  1. We Overcome the Obstacles


Trust in Yahweh

  • Come into unity with Yahweh
  • Know that He is in control
  • Follow Pastor’s instruction

Grounded in Yahweh’s House

  • We have a purpose and place
  • Get rid of negative influences
  • Make positive friendships, help one another

Under Yahweh’s Umbrella

  • Don’t let problems overwhelm
  • We know what to do – we are well-taught
  • Pursue Yahweh’s shadow of protection


  1. We Stay Informed


Numbers on child abuse are disheartening. In most cases, the abuser was a child-victim and statistics point to the sad reality for many children. A video of a mother abusing her baby went viral and comments abounded; condemning words and retaliation do not solve problems. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program is the answer.


Recapping failed cancer treatments demonstrates what neglecting Yahweh’s Laws produces. Scripturally called “sorcery,” pharmaceuticals make problems worse. The Laws of Yahweh prevent cancer in the first place.


  1. We Seek Health


A review of the Preparedness Handbook provides information to build immunity. Depleted foods lead to chronic illnesses. A decision to eat a balanced diet in moderation, avoid junk food, and quit smoking leads to healing. Teaching children the value of organic foods will help them on their road to positive choices. Setting our minds to change poor habits, we can look forward to Pastor presenting us to Yahshua.


Building Moral Excellence teaches educated choices. Although companies are removing brominated vegetable oil (BVO) from their soft drinks, we should check the labels. BVO causes health risks such as iodine deficiency leading to possible breast, thyroid, ovarian, and prostate cancer.  Statistics show soda consumption exceeds water consumption to the detriment of health and may contribute to obesity, kidney damage, and elevated blood pressure.


  1. We Respect Yahweh’s Creation


The Psalmist said, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” In these Last Days, we have no shortage of information to establish that fact.


  • Micro-kingdoms govern our body – eyes are a great example.
  • Sins affect ice crystals and temperatures in the firmament
  • Yahweh’s Laws protect the microbes to perform their tasks joyfully.


  1. We Are Leaders


A mockingbird’s protective instincts help to define character. “I’m coming after you,” are determined words from the knowledgeable. Pastor does not shy away from correcting attacks on Yahweh’s Laws and his students are willing to follow his example.


In Yahshua, Kepha, Yethro, Nora, and Yisrayl, we see traits of a Righteous Teacher: zealous, know material, compassionate, kind, and great listener.


We conclude with a popular phrase in The House of Yahweh…


“Learn to teach then teach what you learned!”