The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 5/17/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Adding knowledge to our “storehouse” is an ongoing process at The House of Yahweh. A weekly attendance guarantees engaging topics that are current and most certainly, prophesied for our present day.

Future Priest Deacon Melchizedek, as this week’s first speaker, explained the importance of salt: health, healing, and the value of daily intake of proper salt. Scientists and doctors are among many who discourage added salt – this is in direct opposition to what Yahweh reveals in the Holy Writings. Young Melchizedek was thoroughly prepared and presented an excellent review on the necessity of dietary salt. This is a subject, covered well by Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins over the years, and this Future Priest obviously did his homework.

Next, we heard from the Great Kohan Nathanyah. His sermon expounded on the fact that Yahweh is in control of everything. The color purple was a significant part of the Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread, 2014, and the Kohan brought to our attention the power and awesomeness of Great Father Yahweh. Shortly after the Feast, Yahweh allowed man to discover a crystal never seen before. Named “putnisite” this tiny crystal is a true beauty. The discovery reveals a crystal, not related to any of the 4,000 known minerals, a perfect cube shape, and a striking shade of purple, evidence of Yahweh’s power and might. Those who attended the Feast will recall the significance of the color purple, showing honor and loyalty for our High Priest Yahshua Messiah. Furthermore, Father Yahweh never misses one detail – found near Lake Cowan, Australia, the Great Kohan points out that the name Cowan is a rendition of the name Hawkins.

Future Priest White Buffalo was our third speaker. His sermonette was on persecution and the fact that although righteous men and women suffered through persecution they did so never wavering from the faith – maintaining righteousness. He presented a short video clip that reminded us of the humility and meekness that Yisrayl displayed when he was falsely accused and persecuted.

Great Kohan Yliyah H. presented news clips that show prophecy is unfolding every day. Yahweh said that in this time period, nuclear war would devastate the inhabitants of the earth and the talk, as testified in the articles, is most certainly nuclear among the nations. Furthermore, prophecy states that people would turn to consuming their own wastewater, and sure enough, the extreme drought has many areas considering means in which to “clean-up” sewage liquid into “drinkable-water.” A mere toilet flush and modern scientific “know-how” will soon provide drinkable water through household faucets – yes, prophecy is coming-to-pass daily.

Our fourth and last speaker was our beloved Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins. The greatest teacher in the world once again drew our attention to the state the world would be in, in the times known as the Last Days. The Savior spoke of a time of disease epidemics and severe weather conditions. We are seeing this today.

Pastor also brings our attention to the facts and the real face of the Roman Catholic Church. The masses see a Pope kissing babies, but the full picture of the Vatican involves their vast wealth – how they have amassed it and how they continue to control the nations today. Pharmaceuticals, ships, planes, bombs, and guided missiles are but a fraction of the deep pockets the Vatican reaches.

Those of us who have studied with Yisrayl Hawkins over the years know that he always adds new snippets of information in every sermon. The great falling away that the Apostle Shaul spoke of in his letter to the Thessalonians was the main subject of his sermon.

The great falling away has been the topic of debate and speculation for decades. Pastor does not speculate, he knows from years of study exactly what this falling away is referring to and he laid the foundation for further study in this particular sermon.

Referencing Malachi Martin’s book, The Keys of this Blood, Pastor delved into the historical facts.

  • Why the temple was destroyed in 70 a.d. and the move to Rome
  • Opposition to Yahweh – His Name, and His Laws – when did it start and how to recognize it today
  • The suppression of the Inspired Writings for 1500 years – how and why it occurred and who was behind it
  • The beheading of Yahchanan – the reason why and who was responsible for his murder.
  • There is a planned war – it is recorded in the 6th chapter of Revelation and in Martin’s book

Amazing as Yisrayl’s sermon was on the Sabbath, there is yet a highlight among highlights. He told the congregation that he was going to get a bit ahead of his teaching but wanted them to get the right mindset for what is bound to be an exciting series of teachings.

  • The term “the keys of this blood” establishes a time period that would be in effect only “until” another event would occur and change history forever. Yisrayl explains the bloodline began with Mosheh and the establishment of a specific Priesthood. However, bloodline would not be the deciding factor for the Forever Priesthood. The Forever Priesthood would be according to righteousness. Yahshua Messiah – the first!
  • The “icing on the cake” came with Yisrayl announcing the title of his next book – The Keys of this Righteousness. For those who have studied with him, the title alone is a promise of increased knowledge – full and brimming over! For that, we say “Praise Yahweh!” Anyone interested in other books authored by Yisrayl Hawkins visit:

We end this recap with a promise from Yahweh coming forth from His House:  The Catholic Church, the gates of hell, will not prevail against this House – the Great House of Yahweh.