The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 12/20/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


Absurdity abounds around December 25th, as millions anticipate merriment, gift-giving, church, mistletoe, and… cleverly devised movie releases. Once parcels are unwrapped, food consumed, movie enthusiasts – by the thousands – escape their merry scenes and charge for the nearest theatre.

Be that as it may, the ever-present irony is even more blatantly obvious this year. Forgotten are those merry thoughts of “peace on earth” and “goodwill toward men.” Why? The box office blockbuster this year (be it theatre or internet) may well be a spoof of a thing, a colossal joke on the assassination of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un. Ah yes, it is to be a “good joke” in place of “goodwill.”

Alas, so much for “peace” and “goodwill,” it is as much of a farce as Santa coming down non-existing chimneys. To top that, recall Pope Benedict’s disclosure that December 25th is not the Savior’s birth but not to worry; it is OK to uphold age-old traditions.

Lies beget lies, but not for long. Truth is on the move…


Future Priest Deacon Melchizedek states, “time is running out.” Prophesied wars, in and around the Euphrates River, are threatening. Is it any wonder that Revelation 18:1-5 so aptly applies today? They issue a call to “come out” from among the religions and Deacon Melchizedek explains the urgency because they will not repent. (Revelation 9:21).


Future Priest Deacon Yaaqob spoke on gift giving. Reading Yaaqob (James) 1:17, the Apostle clearly describes the perfect gift and the righteous character of Yahweh who, beyond question, is the Greatest Servant of all toward His Creation. Deacon Yaaqob elaborates on Yisrayl’s teachings. Pastor delves into the “gift cycle” and the trap that, more often than not, reflects pride and self-glory. In this sense, gift giving can be deceptive – not only for the recipient, who may feel obligated, but also for the giver who may have expectations.


Great Kohan Benyamin’s topic, “Coming and Gathering,” was an uplifting sermon with the latest visual sign of our High Priest, Yahshua Messiah, making Himself and The House of Yahweh known throughout the earth. On 12/10/2014, a mysterious face was noted in a wave photo. The face was no mystery to family members of The House of Yahweh. They have seen that face time and time again and there is no denying Yisrayl Hawkins as the man in the wave…

picture here









Kohan Benyamin proceeded to provide facts surrounding the sighting – date, time, definitions, and scriptural significance. Quoting from II Thessalonians, and Revelations we see the Coming of King and our Gathering together with Him, for He is coming with clouds.


Great Kohan Yliyah presented news, including effects of decreased oil prices, Cuban/US Diplomatic Breakthrough, Venezuelan US sanctions protest, struggling Moscow/Washington relations, and weapon sales.


Our Great Overseer, Yisrayl Hawkins picked up his sermon today from where he left off last week and spoke about the prophecies that show The House of Yahweh opposing the Babylonish System. Reading from Daniyl, he describes the beastly system that moved “Beyond Babylon.”


  • A map points the proximity of Babylon to Yerusalem. The fourth beast moved Beyond Babylon, to Rome. He further explains that Daniyl saw the history of the twelve tribes, which became full of religions (similar today).
  • Pastor identifies the Herodians and their objective for wealth and power. This description applies to what we see on the Seven Hills of Rome.


  • Daniyl saw a statue with toes of iron and clay – ten religions. This mixture pictures a system that has nothing to hold it together. There is no unity, there is no loyalty, and the system is destined to fail. Yahshua described it as a house divided that cannot stand.


  • In sharp contrast is Yahweh’s Way, built upon unity with Yahweh, in observance of His Laws. We agree that stealing is wrong, that fornication and adultery is wrong, that sodomy and bestiality is wrong – we can agree with this because this agrees with Yahweh’s Laws. Nothing outside of His Laws will succeed.


  • Yisrayl dispelled the notion that the Pharisees kept the Laws during Yahshua’s lifetime. The Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Herodians did not keep the Laws – Yahshua confronted them on this. Yisrayl reminds us that Yahchanan the Immerser kept Yahweh’s Laws – he pointed out the sin of adultery. Hatred led to his beheading.


  • Satan gives the beastly system its power. However, The House of Yahweh opposes Babylon. Today we see a Work active and on the move. With many reading Yisrayl’s Blog, millions are being educated in truth. Becoming educated is the first step towards achieving health, peace, and joy.


To Conclude…


Yisrayl made a bold statement that had most everyone sitting a bit closer to the edge of his or her chair. “This year is harvest time,” he said. Surely as statements go, this one ranks among the finest. Yahshua’s Coming, our Gathering, and the Harvest. Marvelous!