The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 11/29/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


God and the gods, uppercase or lowercase “g,” makes no difference – they are all the same, powerless. Remove the deception, get past the whitewashed façade, and realize they are all the same, evil. “Come away from them,” says Yahweh, and, if you are willing, “Come drink of the water of life…”


Future Priest Deacon Tawakyah, as first speaker, encouraged us to be on guard and he rehearsed Pastor’s time familiar exhortation to Yahweh’s loyal family of believers…

  1. I will wait on Yahweh!
  2. I will not go out of my place!
  3. I will remain in the House of Yahweh forever!!

Of note: King David said the same thing in the infamous Psalm 23 … I will dwell in The House of Yahweh forever! A simple study of the original Hebrew words dashes the work of those evil scribes, who deliberately substituted Yahweh’s Name for the base title, lord. They should have replaced it with lard, since they love to eat swine. (Isayah 66:17)


Future Priest Deacon White Buffalo spoke on war, hatred, and fighting and Yechetzqyah’s (Ezekiel) prophecy in 28:15, which reveals Satan as choosing iniquity over righteousness. Iniquity is what we see promoted today and the deacon spoke on war, drugs, sodomy, abortion, gay marriage, STDs, and theft to prove the extent of sin in these Last Days. Sins are reaching into the heavens also, and science is now supporting the Scriptures and the Teachings of Yisrayl Hawkins. 


Revelation, chapter eleven, has baffled many over the years. There has been much speculation and conjecture, and the conjecture, more often than not, has been plain ridiculous. In today’s sermon, the Great Kohan David put all speculation aside with solid, factual instruction, which effectively quells the foolish guesswork and unfounded explanations.


  • The Kohan helped us to distinguish between the two Great Cities of Revelations – Yerusalem and Rome, and he explained the beast from the bottomless pit as a beastly system led by a beast that was, is not, and yet is – the son of perdition (destruction). To that end, Kohan David reviewed several points on the last three popes of the Catholic Church, drawing parallels to scripture, prophecy, and the work of the Two Witnesses.


  • Revelation 11:7, as recorded in the KJV, provides ample fodder for sensationalism but Kohan David squashed it all with straight forward, factual explanations. He began by asking a question, “How is it even possible to kill the witness Yisrayl?” Reading verses from Isayah 49 and 43, we see that the Witness has Yahweh’s protection in order to accomplish a Great Work in these Last Days – the Finishing Work. Therefore, it is apparent that the Witness Yisrayl will not be killed in the “physical” sense.


  • Kohan David then draws our attention to Isayah 43:28 and we note that Yisrayl will be given to reproaches. The Great Kohan ties that information to the Revelation 13 and the beast that has power to make war against all holiness for 42 months. “Character assassination” is the means by which the Popes attack the Two Witnesses. The Kohan provides definitions and references and we see those attempts “to kill” the Witness by slanderous remarks Pope Francis has made against Yisrayl Hawkins by maligning the very Scriptures themselves – Scriptures that the Last Days Witness upholds with all his might. Calling Yisrayl a hypocrite because he attaches himself to the Laws is one such example.


The Great Kohan Yliyah covered the news – extreme winter conditions, wastewater into tap water, deadly attack in Jerusalem, and the shooting death of a twelve-year-old boy holding a toy gun, top the news, and prove, once again, the results of a world guided by the evil beastly system.


Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins began his sermon with recent articles that now support his 2007 teaching on the real cause of global warming. It is indeed a day of rejoicing, in The House of Yahweh, when the scientific community finally catches up with scriptural knowledge.


One article states that microbes – such as bacteria, fungal spores, and tiny algae have a role in creating clouds, causing rain, spreading disease, and even changing climate. Pastor also read articles, which prove the presence of atmospheric bacteria and viruses capable of producing lung diseases in humans.


Yisrayl speaks to the scientific world and offers his advice by saying they should look for the sick microbes – those that have crossed with known STDs such as HIV/Aids, herpes, etc. Once they discover this, they may actually acknowledge that the sins of mankind are responsible for defiling the firmament.


Recalling Pope Francis’ requests to pray for peace, (Jerusalem & Rome), Yisrayl reads Mattithyah 22:29. As Yahshua spoke to the Sadducees, Yisrayl speaks to Pope Francis and informs him that the reason he is deceived is that he does not know the scriptures or the power of Yahweh. Pope Francis prays to gods and they – evil gods – have no power. Yahweh is the Only Power! It is Yisrayl’s appointed, prophesied job, as one of the two witnesses, to declare Yahweh’s Power to the world. (Isayah 44:6-8)


Yisrayl further reminds us that we are living witnesses to prophecies coming to pass. Yahweh’s prophesies prove themselves – they come true. Once we teach Yahweh’s Laws and the people learn to follow these laws, they will learn war no more as prophecy states. (Isayah 2:4)


Mattithyah 21:42-44 poses the question, have you never read the Scriptures, and Pastor asks the same question today. “Have you never read the Scriptures, Pope Francis?” Where does it say there is salvation with Mary? Do the Scriptures direct anyone to pray to Mary? No! You can’t go to Mary in the Bible!


Pastor tells us emphatically that when Pope Francis shuns Yahweh’s Laws he is in effect shunning any prospect for peace. He may claim “Peace” but the truth is more in line to his scriptural title “son of perdition” – not peace, but sudden destruction.


In conclusion, we quote the Great High Priest of The House of Yahweh and for those who have a listening ear to Yahshua Messiah and long to divest themselves of religious hypocrisy, traditions, and lies…


The Spirit and the brides, say: Come!

Let him who hears, say: Come!

Let him who is thirsty Come.

Whoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

(Revelation 22:17)