The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 11/22/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


Scriptures prove that keeping the Law of Yahweh saves us and not Jesus Christ. The Messiah’s Name is Yahshua – meaning Yahweh will save His people from their sins. Yahshua now sits at the right hand of Yahweh. The name Jesus Christ is merely a composite name of two pagan deities.


Today we attended a Women’s Presentation, a sequel to the Men’s Presentation given last Sabbath. On this day, we received further enlightenment to the deception and atrocities of the Catholic Church.


Much is known about the evils of the Catholic Church and because their deeds are being exposed, loyalty and attendance is steadily declining. However, there remain significant numbers of people who remain devoted to this diabolical religion. Today’s presentation did not only speak to Pope Francis, but was an appeal to Catholics across the globe, to separate themselves from an organization with a well-documented history of assaults, thievery, murders, and religious deception.


A few highlights from today’s presentation


Yahweh’s Laws teach true love and specific examples of individual Laws demonstrate love and justice that is characteristic to Yahweh’s 613 Laws. For example, love your neighbor, use only equal weights and measures, do not take advantage, honor your parents, etc.


Details on how the American Catholic Church distribute their moneys – a total of $171.6 billion with 98.6% to health, 48.8% to college/universities, 11.0% to parishes, 8.5% to others, and only 4.7% to charity. It is easy to see that the Catholic Church recognizes how to get the best revenue for their investments. Obviously, charities do not generate significant returns. This is somewhat ironic given that Pope Francis urges being generous to meet the needs of the poor and disadvantaged.


The reason the Catholic Church opposes much of the scriptures and the definition of sin is because in acknowledging the Written Words of Yahweh and Yahshua, they expose their own sins. The House of Yahweh removes the cloak so their sins are apparent for all to see. While it is called “today,” people can choose to repent of breaking Yahweh’s Laws, convert, and obtain eternal life.


Parallels were presented that reveal the lives of Yisrayl Hawkins and Pope Francis. They are about the same age, but their upbringing and life choices are vastly different.


Details on the book burnings spoke volumes about the Catholic Churches efforts to remove the truth from the people. Keeping everyone in darkness has been their objective, but Yahweh saw to it to preserve the Holy Writings and we have The Book of Yahweh today to guide everyone to life, peace, health, salvation, and eternal life.


Startling facts on the atrocities of the Catholic Church include the horrendous treatment of women and girls in Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries. A scandal that plagues the church and further discoveries continue to expose the violence and hardship suffered by thousands. The BBC has several articles on their website. A question begs for answers – “where was the love and justice for these needy women and girls” that Pope Francis claims to embrace vehemently. Certainly, the Laws of Yahweh would not condone such treatment.


There is nothing holy in war. The crusades went on with a cross in one hand and a sword in the other. The cross itself is nothing more than an upside-down sword – a weapon. Pope Francis stating “no” to war then saying it is sometimes necessary reveals the crusades may not be only a matter of Catholic history.




Yisrayl Hawkins has proven that he is neither selfish or a hypocrite. He practices what he preaches and Yahweh leads him in his teachings and writings. Attaching oneself to the Laws of Yahweh is an honor and we honor Yahweh by keeping His Laws.