The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 11/08/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


For years, Yisrayl Hawkins has been telling us there are only two works progressing in the earth at this time, Two Trees from which to partake, two opposite ways of living and recently the head of the Catholic Church acknowledged the same fact – two paths he said, hypocrites who follow the letter of the Law, and those who love justice.

Of course, those were Pope Francis’ words. Thankfully, we are far more familiar with Yisrayl Hawkins’ words. Two paths – The Tree of Life and the Tree of Righteousness and Evil; the Work of Yahweh and the Work of Satan; those who keep the Laws and those who do not; those who serve Yahweh and those who serve Satan.


In addition, we have the Savior’s words; “I have not come to destroy the Law” but to fulfill it, live it, magnify it and make it honorable.

Yes, Yahshua spoke of the same two paths – one straight/narrow leading to life and the other wide/broad leading to destruction.


Yisrayl Hawkins’ teachings, plus Pope Francis’ self-incriminating words, that infamous quote, “who am I to judge,” clearly exposes II Thessalonians’ servant of sin, the son of perdition.


Ah, yes, it truly was a great day in The House of Yahweh, a day to recognize fulfilled prophecy and for that, the Saints of Yahweh say, “Praise Yahweh!”


Future Priest Deacon Tawakyah began services by stating that war will not bring peace and he gave the Iraq War by way of example. Reading from an article from NBC News entitled Iraq, 10 years on: Did invasion bring ‘hope and progress’ to millions as Bush vowed? The article goes on to list the many problems that plague the nation today. As Deacon Tawakyah points out – war most certainly does not bring peace and Iraq, 2014 is a prime example.


Future Priest Deacon Sholomo did a study on Positive Law #73 by tying the Law into the four necessary steps to entering the Kingdom of Yahweh. He began by reading Yechetzqyah 14:11, which states our sins pollute us and then proceeded with the four steps…

Step 1 Repent

The word repent means to feel remorse, self-reproach, regret for behavior, and make a change for the better. He reminds us to go to the Priests for counsel and advice.

Step 2 Confess

Deacon Sholomo compared this to the steps to Stop All Wars campaign – acknowledge, admit, and tell the priest. To confess our sins will heal us and no longer pollute us.

Step 3 Baptism

Acts 2:38 tells us to be baptized so we can “put off the old man” and receive Spirit Holy. He read a section from the Baptism Booklet, which explains the baptism process, and we note that baptism is not a so-called “new testament” procedure. Mattithyah 3:13-17 describes Yahshua’s baptism and the deacon points out that Yahweh can be pleased with us as well. Numbers 31:23 helps us to see our baptism as both physical and spiritual as our tests are like going through the fire.

Step 4 Conversion

Acts 3:19 explains what is necessary and the word convert is about change and turning around which we understand is to turn from serving Satan and begin serving Yahweh only.


The Great Kohan Yliyah presented the news…

First Disc

  • Troops building up in Iraq to combat the enemy, ISIS

President sending additional 1,500 troops to bring the number to 3,100

Asking for 5.6 billion dollars to support troop’s efforts in Iraq

  • Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to fire 1,000 people in response to the biggest scandal in US history
  • Typhoon to hit off the coast of Alaska will alter jet stream and send Arctic air south
  • Ferguson, Missouri braces to receive grand jury decision and people are preparing themselves for war
  • Israel/Palestine conflict over Al-Aqsa clashes and Pakistan weighs in on perceived attack on Islam

Second Disc

  • Recent US election saw known convicted felons elected in several areas
  • Pope Francis prays for deceased pontiffs
  • Pope Francis spoke on two paths, 1) attach to letter of the Law, and 2) follow the love of justice

Kohan Yliyah reminded us of two verses: Mattithyah 5:17-18, and the fact that Yahshua came to establish the Law and Romans 3:19-20, clarifying that anything outside of the Laws will not be justified, serve to explain Pope Francis’ marked aversion to the Law of Yahweh.


The Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins, read verses from Isayah, Genesis, and Hebrews to expose the deception at the heart of the Catholic Church and religions that do not teach and uphold Yahweh’s moral laws of peace. “The scepter will not depart from Yahdah, until…”


Yisrayl exposes Yahdah as the leftover twelve tribes of Israyl, to the Holy Roman Empire, which split into four and persists to this present day but now called the Quartet. The Quartet yields their power to the Pope, except for a few nations including Russia and China. Yisrayl reminds us that a kingdom divided cannot stand. Prophecy in action.


A few highlights from Yisrayl’s sermon …


  • Evolution is only a theory and does not provide answers to the questions of creation. Only The House of Yahweh understands how Yahweh created life, we understand Yahshua’s words when He stated that Yahweh could bring life from stones.


  • There are reasons Yahweh has given us so much knowledge and wisdom in this time period, one such reason is the resurrection and the fulfilling of Yahweh’s Plan. Yahweh has opened our minds to understanding… Creation took place in six days and on the Seventh Day, Yahweh taught mankind. Yahshua also taught on the Sabbath and did the Work of the Sabbath – these things are clearly recorded.


  • Prophecy proves Yahweh – His wisdom, great power, and ability. He possesses wisdom to foretell the future, power to resurrect the dead, ability to create man from the dust of the earth.


  • Currently, Satan runs the world. Isayah (14:3) speaks of the terror we see today – droughts, wars, diseases, and so forth. How did she (Satan) do this? Teaching rebellion – Nimrod, the system that now sits on the Seven Hills of Rome. Yahweh told them, step-by-step, what would take place if they deviated from His Laws – what their end would be.


  • Isayah said (14:5) that Yahweh has “broken the staff of the wicked” and Pastor ties this prophecy to Genesis (49:1, 10) and Hebrews (1:8). He compares the scepter of those who rule the kingdoms of the earth by lawlessness to Yahshua having qualified for the scepter of righteousness – forever teaching peace, setting the example.


To conclude…


Yisrayl boldly states that when it comes to the Holy Scriptures, yes, he does “know it all” and the Pope can call him a hypocrite but the fact is that Yahweh is Yisrayl’s Father, therefore, he does know it all. Isayah (14:4) describes the “taunting” speech that the Last Days’ Witness would utter against Mystery Babylon – its religion fully described in Revelation 17.


The “show-down” between the only two works in the earth is in full motion…