The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 11/01/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


Yahweh’s People rejoice because they know Yahweh’s Law, our joy in Yahweh is our strength.


Calling upon everyone to consider the seriousness of the time we are currently living in, Future Priest Deacon Yisrayl David exhorted us to adhere to the teachings of Yisrayl Hawkins. Reading Hebrews 10:22-27 he urges us to come to our appointments (Sabbaths) to hear Yisrayl’s message, stating that if we do not, we will miss valuable information and knowledge needful in this time period.


Future Priest Deacon Yaaqob spoke on Rejoicing at the Feasts. Rejoice means brighten up, joyful, cheer up and he asked several questions on the subject. Who should rejoice – everyone; When – Feast Days, Sabbath, New Moons and High Sabbaths; Where – At Yahweh’s House; Why should we rejoice – 1) it’s a command and 2) because we know something the world does not know, namely the Laws and Prophecies.


Great Kohan Yliyah presented the news with Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, deep in conflict while US Secretary of State, John Kerry calls for democracy in Syria as the bombing continues.


On this day, the Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins spoke directly to Pope Francis with a warning – a warning, which comes from the written words of the Prophets. He reminds everyone that a Higher Power inspired those Prophets and that same Power (Yahweh) speaks to us today through His Prophesied Servant, Yisrayl Hawkins. Those who listened attentively, fully recognize the time is at hand – the time Yahshua Messiah told His Disciples about – The End of the Age.


The Overseer of The House of Yahweh, Yisrayl, addresses key points in his sermon, which serve as further evidence that we are living in a prophesied time – the time-cut-short – the worst time of trouble in man’s history (Daniyl’s Prophecy). Yahshua told us what to look for to know the certainty of Yahweh’s Finishing Work upon the earth.


The following are a few of the highlights from Yisrayl’s sermon…


  • “We need laws we can all live with,” stated Russian President, Vladimir Putin and Pastor wasted little time in declaring that Yahweh’s 613 Laws of Peace would fill the void that is so desperately lacking today. The Russian President recognizes the dilemma, yet the Pope only aggravates the existing problems by saying we do not need “rules.”


Yisrayl criticized the Catholic Church and namely its leader, for not “fessing up” to their lies and the deception they have brought upon the earth for literally centuries. The laws that the Church has put in place throughout the world figuratively “stink” and the prison system alone attests to the facts.


When “Praying for peace,” Pope Francis stated that we are open to the gift of God, but then contradicted his own words, by saying it must come by merit.



Pastor points out that Yahweh’s Laws impart knowledge on how to care for the soil in order to get the best nutritional value out of our fruits, vegetables, and crops.


  • Yahweh started the first religion and told man to guard and keep this way or dying you will die and today we see a world in steady decline with diseases abounding because of the rejection of Yahweh’s Laws of Life.


  • Yahshua Messiah spoke of this last generation in Mattithyah 24:3,33-34 and verse 35 clearly states what is important… heaven and earth may pass away, but My Words; My teachings pertaining to the Law and the Prophets, will not pass away. Pastor adds to this message by reminding us that the flesh is useless and Yahshua serves us well as an example – Yahweh’s Laws overshadowed His life completely.


  • On the days of darkness, Pastor rehearses the history. Beginning with the destruction of the temple (formerly known as The House of Yahweh), the artifacts then taken to Rome, and the Holy Writings taken from the people, which in effect took the light/wisdom away for over 1500 years but in these last days Yahweh has proven His Power in the re-established House of Yahweh.


  • Many prophecies have been fulfilled, the remaining are near at hand, including the fate of the Catholic Church in a prophesied burning of Rome.


We conclude with Yisrayl’s message to all who want the gift of life eternal – Read Acts 3:19 and know this is the only way to escape the deception.