The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 08/29/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


“Teacher, what is the greatest Commandment in the Law?” Yahshua said to him: “You must love Yahweh your Father with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. This is the first and greatest Commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mattithyah 22:36-39)


On this day, the Daughters of Yisrayl Abel expounded on the Ten Commandments and Yahshua’s Words. They helped us to recall that Yahshua understood Yahweh’s Laws and did not think to change Yahweh’s Ten Commandments, as is the Vatican’s mission at this time.


No, in speaking of the greatest Commandments, Yahshua revealed the Ten Commandments, originally given to Mosheh in Exodus Chapter 20. The first four tell us how to love Yahweh (the first greatest Commandment). The next six tell us how to love our neighbor as ourselves (the second greatest Commandment).


The following are but a few of the day’s highlights…


  • Yahweh’s Laws are tried, tested, and proven true and perfect. Yahweh’s Laws have never changed; with obedience comes a promise of inheritance – a Family Name, a Kingdom, and Laws that guarantee Eternal Life. Therefore, we ought to endeavor to have Yahweh’s Laws chiselled in our hearts (not only tablets of stone) and be well-versed in the Laws, being ready and willing to teach.


  • Consider our lives and where would we be without the Laws of Yahweh and the Ten Commandments. We enjoy healthy family living, in unity with our brothers and sisters, and we do not suffer the problems of dysfunctional families. Remember, we would not know what sin is without the Laws of Yahweh, and we cannot forget that we have within us a carnal mind that is ready to sin. But thanks to Yahweh, His Laws and the teaching we receive from The House of Yahweh (our mother), we can make the Ten Commandments the center of our character. Yahweh’s Laws can be compared to rules, and rules are established for our safety and the safety of others.


  • History reveals a pattern in attempts to silence Yahweh’s Servants; examples include Mosheh, Yahshua, and our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins. Furthermore, the Vatican has been changing Yahweh’s Ten Commandments for years – getting rid of the second, bumping up the others, and dividing the tenth into two separate commandments. Their latest acts to undermine Yahweh and His Laws include changing the fifth, getting rid of the seventh, adding a couple of new ones, and to go from ten to eleven commandments. The House of Yahweh does not change a single word; we live by the every Word of Yahweh.


The Ten Commandments are sure; they will not change, regardless of past and current efforts to do so.


  1. Commandment #5 teaches us to honor our parents. Besides honoring our parents, we recognize The House of Yahweh as our mother, and Yahweh as our Father. We give honor through our obedience to their authority over us. Our parents give us what we need, which often comes by way of instruction, and we show our respect when we obey. In addition, we are taught how to show respect through The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. We are never too old to show honor to, not only our parents, but also our supervisors.


  1. Commandment #3 teaches us to reverence Yahweh’s Name. We see a world that is suffering greatly because this Law – you shall not bring Yahweh’s Name to nothing, has been broken. There is no lasting peace, safety, and security without Yahweh’s governing Laws of peace and healthy living. We recall that Pharaoh had no idea who Yahweh was because His Name was not found among the list of known G Today, thanks to the work of the Last Days’ Two Witnesses, the Name Yahweh is restored and recognized. However, merely knowing the Name Yahweh is not enough without the teaching of His Laws and the Ten Commandments.


  1. Commandment #6 teaches us not to murder. Cain committed the first recorded murder. Doing away with Yahweh’s Laws is iniquity, and iniquity is behind all hatred, violence, anger, crime, and murder. Video games play out acts of murder; therefore, we should not be surprised that the selling and promoting of games that indulge in murderous acts lead to real-time hatred and murder in homes and on streets. Furthermore, hateful thoughts and words can be part of someone’s character assassination. We have been taught that we are all valuable, and through Yahweh’s Laws, we can change. We can build up one another with our thoughts, words, and actions.


In conclusion, we put forth a question with a very obvious answer: Why fix something that is not broken? Yahweh’s Laws are perfect – they are not lacking in any way. We praise Yahweh, His Laws, and the Ten Commandments. They are sure and will endure forever!