The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 08/22/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


In Revelation 22:16 Yahshua Messiah said, “I, Yahshua, have sent My Messenger to testify to you these things in the congregation of The House of Yahweh.” On this day, we, the Congregation of The House of Yahweh did wholeheartedly welcome Yahshua’s Messenger and he spoke to us as recorded in Revelation 17:1 – “Come, I will show you the sentence of the great whore that sits upon many waters…”


To begin the day we heard from two Sons of Yisrayl, Yoshiyah, and Deacon Abba Shalom

  • Learning to have self-control over one’s anger is possible through the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. The program provides definitions, explanations, and examples in daily life. Note: no one can “make” us angry – it is a choice and with character education, a person can learn how to have self-control.
  • The actions of the Vatican are prophesied. Daniyl 7:25 shows their tactics are aimed at all forms of holiness found within the Laws of Yahweh. The history of the Catholic Church and the horrors of the Crusades are recorded in history.


The Great Deacon Tobyah explained how the US is indeed the chief-of-all-nations according to prophecy. Providing facts on the US holding #1 spot on GDP, FDI, and military prowess, along with the most experience in warfare it is easy to see that the USA is top nation of all nations at this time. Note: because of this prophecy, The House of Yahweh has and continues to carry on its commissioned work of preaching and publishing the Message of the Kingdom of Yahweh, throughout the world.


Great Kohan Yahodah gave us the promised details to follow-up Yisrayl’s sermon last week. To clarify Acts 1:6-11, the Great Kohan used authoritative support for several restored words, meanings, and significance, which all show The House of Yahweh at Abel in these Last Days. He also brought to our attention the great lengths that were taken to hang on to Greek and Latin languages out of pride and determination to deceive through false doctrine.


Great Kohan Benjamin went over details on Pope Francis’ scheduled visit to the US in September. His itinerary reveals dates, times, meanings, and significance in relation to Vatican objectives and hidden agenda.


The Great Kohan Yliyah brought news showing Mattithyah 24. The news included the following: nations against nation, famine, disease, drought, wild fires. In additions: uranium from commercial fertilizers contaminate Texas aquifer, China devalues their currency to control world markets, Secretary-of-State, John Kerry expresses concerns over the state of the US dollar, North/South Korean conflict, prescription opiate pain killers related to impulse homicide risk, and Yemeni children suffering malnutrition with further threat of being on the brink of severe famine.


The Greatest Teacher in the world, Yisrayl Hawkins, began his sermon today be repeating a solid statement – Yahweh is in total control…


The Great Prophet Daniyl was inspired to record his vision for a future day. Daniyl’s writings, as with the writings of many of the prophets, are not understood without the Book of Revelation. Within the pages of this book are the revealed words of Yahshua Messiah, to The House of Yahweh through Yahshua’s Messenger, Yisrayl.


It is an awesome blessing to be “called out” at this time and to understand Daniyl’s prophecies, as taught and explained by Yisrayl. On this day, he rehearses Daniyl 7:8-11 going into detail about the many laws passed by the fourth beast. With the Vatican (the divining serpent), sending its top representative, Pope Francis, to the US in September 2015, Yisrayl’s insight could not come at a better time.


Yisrayl speaks to US leaders at all levels of government. With a reminder that President Obama suggested paying attention to the bible, Yisrayl seconds that encouragement. He tells them that Daniyl spoke of them (the leaders) in his prophecy and states that if they truly want to understand they can obtain much-needed background information through sermons via the Yisrayl Says Program. Understanding Daniyl’s prophecies is not difficult with direction from Yahweh’s Servant, Yisrayl.


Yisrayl’s warning is also clear – this Papal Visit has a hidden agenda that is not so hidden when one understands prophecy and has knowledge on the previous actions of the Vatican and the Catholic Church throughout ancient and recent history.


The fact that the Vatican plans to change the Ten Commandments is somewhat redundant, as the Catholic Church has already undermined Yahweh’s Law by…


  • Taking Yahweh’s Name away from the people
  • Changing the Seventh Day Sabbath to Sunday
  • Promoting sodomy and homosexuality includes more than a nod of approval through a Supreme Court ruling


Yisrayl tells us to compare Psalms 94:20 with Daniyl’s prophecies. He provides meanings and details about the “throne of iniquity” and then asks the same question as the Psalmist – “Can the bishops, who spout deceit via Christian doctrine, have any fellowship with Yahweh?” The answer is evident when psychology and propaganda continue to be the means in which to slander Yahweh’s Laws by saying they are “done away with.” Their authority comes from that great serpent, also known as Satan the Devil, and Lucifer.


We conclude with Yisrayl’s teaching on Aaron’s golden calf. For those who have not understood, yet sought answers, the golden calf represents a choice to turn from Yahweh’s Laws in rebellion, to turn to useless gods who deceive through lust for riches and entertainment via godworship and vain doctrines of men.