The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 08/15/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


The last book of the first volume of The Book of Yahweh – the so-called, Old Testament is the Book of Malakyah (Malachi). The Message in the fourth and last chapter is straightforward and does not leave any room for doubt. For those who reverence the Name of Yahweh (a reverence based on obedience to Yahweh, His Laws, and Prophets), there is a promise of healing; and healing encompasses a lot. Therefore, Rejoice!


On this day, we heard from two Sons of Yisrayl Abel, Barzallai and Deacon Yahaqob. They gave inspiring messages to help us understand tests, with instruction on how to endure them as well as admonishment to separate ourselves from the uncleanness of the world, which is a test in itself.


The Great Kohan Benyamin provided additional information on the caterpillar sighting and meanings. He furthered our understanding on the significance of several numbers including 7, 17, 21, 37, 70, and 777. In addition, he explained several word definitions in relation to upcoming events such as the September 2015 meeting of Pope Francis in the U.S. To all of this, he reminds us that Yahweh is in full control of His Plan.


Today’s news, presented by the Great Kohan Yliyah, was confirmation of Last Days’ Prophecies for this time period.


Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins, provided a quote by veteran Vatican observer, Riccardo Cascioli “The road the Church is heading down is precisely this: To quietly approve population control while talking about something else1”. It suffices to say, that the Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins, is not sneaking in the Message of Yahweh to the unsuspecting masses – he is clearly showing us the way to Salvation, while exposing the plots, schemes and sins of the Vatican.


Yisrayl’s main topic today was on the Vatican’s plans and efforts to depopulate the earth by a whopping 6 billion people2. Of course, Yisrayl has been teaching on this prophesied subject since the 80s. As to who is truly behind Pope Francis and the Vatican, Yisrayl directs us to his book, Unveiling Satan. Therein, we can see the Vatican controlled by Hillyl (Lucifer, Satan the Devil, the Serpent).


Yisrayl tells us not to be fooled by the “equality” verbiage, which serves to mask a Vatican objective to teach against morality by accepting sodomy and adultery. The big picture, based on a lack of morality teaching, is the results of promiscuous sexual behavior and the ensuing STDs. These STDs up the prescription drugs demand (sorcery as the bible calls it), which, of course, generate gobs of $$$$ for the pharmaceutical companies – many of which are, not surprisingly, Catholic owned and operated.


Yisrayl also informs us on the word Vatican meaning the divining serpent.3 Serpent is apropos considering the characteristic bite of a snake. This is referring to Malachi Martin’s book, The Keys of This Blood, and the long-term plans of the Vatican to depopulate the earth and make war with those who do not follow the Vatican and its Catholic doctrine.


The Last Days’ Witness also gave us a sneak preview of a restored passage in Acts 1:6-11. Realizing that these words were not fulfilled during the lifetime of the Apostles, we see key phrases that undoubtedly generated not just a few “ahhhs” from the congregation and online viewers. Therefore, we are now looking forward to the Great Kohan Yahodah delving into these verses and confirming what we think we understand by the phrase, “you will be witnesses of Me” and “uttermost ends of the earth.”


Going over some of the means and methods of depopulating the earth, it is easy to see that the plans of the Vatican are currently being worked out, and what lies ahead confirms a depiction found in Revelation 17 – the great whore, the city on seven hills, and ten horns/kings who follow this Babylonish, abomination-practicing beast.


We conclude with Yisrayl Hawkins’ beginning and ending comments on this day. Read Malachi 4:1-4 and understand that this time is upon us – now. Let us hold on to Yisrayl’s words and remember our part in this Great Work – be on time for both services and assigned duties, and let Yahweh know that we desire His Kingdom more than all else.