The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 09/12/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Blessed are those who keep His Laws, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. (Revelation 22:14)

Yisrayl Hawkins began his sermon with an explanation on the soon coming Feast of Trumpets (9/15/2015). He stated that this Feast represents the resurrection of the dead and encourages the congregation by saying that those who qualify will have the authority to create and maintain flesh in the Kingdom of Yahweh.

One of the Pope’s objectives is to stop Yahweh’s Work and its future work of resurrecting the dead. That inspiration comes from Satan herself as plans continue with efforts to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire. However, Yisrayl reassures with the claim that Yahweh’s Work will not stop and with a “Unity” theme as focus for the Great Feast of Tabernacles, 2015, the congregation rejoiced with exclamations of “Praise Yahweh!”

Yisrayl draws our attention to the writings of the Prophet Isayah and explains why we see all the problems the world now faces because Yahweh’s Laws have been transgressed and the everlasting covenant broken by man.

Rehearsing the damage the Catholic Church has admittedly recorded within their own writings (The Catholic Encyclopedia) on changing the Ten Commandments, Yisrayl issues the warning. A warning recorded in the last chapter of the Book of Revelation – the Supreme Court, the Pope, or anyone else who would think to change Yahweh’s Laws – they simply do not have the authority to do so. They will suffer curses that Yahweh spoke when He gave His Laws of Life to mankind.

Yisrayl Hawkins is Yahweh’s Last Trumpet. Yisrayl, along with The House of Yahweh are hated for speaking the truth. Most people do not want to hear that their lustful ways, which they choose for themselves, will not save them. To seek independence from Yahweh is ultimate foolishness.

Also on this day, we heard from several teachers who spoke on the following:

• Assisted suicide is murder according to Yahweh’s Laws
• Prescription drugs containing opiates have addictive characteristics that alter natural endorphins
• Pharmaceutical companies continue to manufacture drugs regardless of the fact that death by medication has reached epidemic proportions
• Vatican numeration, plots, schemes are being exposed by the House of Yahweh

We conclude with today’s news events that highlight Yahshua’s Words in Mattithyah 24:7. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in place after place.

We are comforted with Yisrayl’s teaching that no matter who would think to change Yahweh’s Laws, the wonderful fact remains – Yahweh’s Laws will remain, exactly as Yahweh established them, they will not change, not yesterday, today, or tomorrow! Praise Yahweh!