The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 08/08/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


The Vatican plans to change the Ten Commandments – Again! Pope Francis now claims that God has instructed him to revise Yahweh’s Laws and Yisrayl Hawkins wastes no time re-stating the warning written in Revelation Chapter 22:18-19 (BOY)

“For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this Book: If any man will add to these things, Yahweh will add to him the plagues that are written in this Book. And if any man will take away from the words of the Book of this prophesy, Yahweh will take away his part out of The Book of Life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this Book.”


Yisrayl Hawkins holds nothing back as he speaks to those, laypeople or clergy, who may choose to support Pope Francis in this vain undertaking.


Before he spoke, the congregation heard from two Sons of Yisrayl Abel, Nabayah, and Deacon Sholomo who spoke about becoming perfect by converting to the Laws of Yahweh and the choice we all have to repent of all godworship and follow Yahweh by keeping His Laws.


The Great Kohan Yliyah presents the news; here are a few of this week’s highlights…

  • Increasing heroin addiction problem in the US
  • BRICS banking system and the ensuing economic upheaval
  • Toxic sludge from an old closed down gold mine dumped into the Colorado River
  • Russia is refusing food from the EU with plans to burn it all rather than pass along to other nations or the poor
  • Legionnaire’s Disease in New York


Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins gave us another one of his renowned, riveting sermons. With a promise of a follow-up to today’s message, Yisrayl tore through Pope Francis’s God-given instruction to change Yahweh’s Ten Commandments.


  • Citing the real reasons behind eliminating the seventh commandment – you shall not commit adultery, Yisrayl explains the push for sodomy and the fact that there is no attempt by the Vatican to hide this reason, only lends itself to the out-and-out gall of the Catholic Church and its long and sordid history.


  • Adding to the Law of honoring one’s parents to include same-sex parents is another testimony to the audacity of the Vatican. Again, Revelation Chapter 22 rings out, loud and clear, as a warning to separate oneself from this group, or “agency” as Yisrayl Hawkins describes it to be.


  • Two additional Laws, which are being “etched into marble” at this time and slated to be presented via an internationally televised mass, could be considered frightening, if the called out, family of believers, did not already have Yahweh’s promise of protection secured in their hearts and minds. But come on – Really? “You shall not eat GMOs?” and “you shall have no personal idolization over God (as in Yahweh)?” is beyond the pale.


Yisrayl also discusses what is behind the Vatican recognizing the state of Palestine. He exposes the moneymaking industry of pharmaceuticals – the vicious heroin addiction borne through prescription pain meds, along with a secondary drug as a solution for overdoses (admittedly ineffective).  The pious front of praying-saintly-looking cardinals that never provide an ounce of transparency as to what goes on behind their closed doors is part of the face the Vatican presents to the world.


To top all of that is the fact that the Vatican continues to keep the bulk of the Dead Sea Scrolls hidden away and Yisrayl speaks plainly on that as well. Knowing the great lengths the beastly system has undertaken to keep The Book of Yahweh out the hands of people provides the ongoing reason to keep the scrolls shrouded in mystery. The Dead Sea Scrolls, from the glimpses previously presented, reveal the Name of Yahweh and will undoubtedly support The Book of Yahweh and debunk Christian doctrine completely. No wonder they do not share this fascinating find with the rest of the world!


On Christian doctrine, Yisrayl refreshes our thoughts about the efforts of Constantine, the first pope/emperor, to undermine Yahweh’s Laws, specifically the Seventh Day Sabbath, and the Yahweh’s Feast Days. Of course, this is also a prophesied fact by the Prophet Daniyl. (Daniyl 7:25)


Furthermore, Yisrayl admonishes Yahweh’s people not to retaliate for a wrong, real or perceived. Doing so is following the Leviathan and no sensible person who reverences Yahweh would ever want to walk in that way.


We conclude on Yisrayl’s promise of yet another great sermon in which he looks forward to explaining the content of Genesis Chapter 3 and the knowledge that has eluded scholars for generations. On a final note: Aren’t we glad we follow Yahweh – who never saw the need to revise any of His Laws, because… well, they are perfect, just the way they are! For that, we say… Praise Yahweh!!


The following is a link for those who want to see the article for themselves. Impudence on this level deserves our full attention. We are witnesses to what transpires in these Last Days!