The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 06/27/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh.


You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed; steadfast, on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in Yahweh forever, for in Father Yahweh is the rock of everlasting strength (Isayah 26:3-4)


Today we had the great blessing of hearing the young men from The House of Yahweh teach, and they, the Sons of Yisrayl Abel, did an awesome job in delivering their messages.


The following are but a few highlights from the presentation:


Be aware…


  • Worldly influences, such as music, movies, and video games, can have negative influences on our lives. We should endeavor to remove these influences and not make excuses or procrastinate.


  • Words are powerful, and with our words, we can build or destroy. The words that Yisrayl Hawkins uses serve well to build us up. We should also learn to control our words and focus on speaking to reflect the fact that we are the Light of the world.


  • We have Yahweh’s Promise of Protection if we keep His Laws. We must trust Yahweh and prove that we trust Him by removing vanity and dishonesty from our lives. Fear and pride will cloud our minds and show that we think we are smarter than Yahweh. Remember Scripture states that he who trusts in his own heart, is a fool.


  • Study will keep us grounded in The House of Yahweh. We ought to focus our studies on Yahweh’s Laws and Prophecies and observe His Laws as taught in The House of Yahweh.


  • Drugs, such as marijuana, affect the brain in several ways. Cognitive ability, memory formation, and motor reflexes can all be affected negatively.


  • Prophecy allows us to know Yahweh and His Plan. Prophecy is for believers, and they separate Yahweh’s True Words of Life from the false teachings of false prophets.


  • With much of the world concerned about water, we recognize that our water comes from Yisrayl Hawkins. He teaches and gives us the Water of Life. Because we are running a race as Scripture states, we should not neglect this Water or the steps we have been taught to take, such as confessing our sins and attending classes.


  • On 6/26/2015, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized sodomy in all 50 states. This proves, beyond all shadow of doubt, that they hate Yahweh and love Satan. Sodomy has the means to destroy the mind, and the confusion that follows is preventing the world from solving their own problems.


To do:


  • Learn all you can about being responsible as part of character development. Learning how to be responsible for possessions, actions, and obligations will help young and old alike fulfill Yahweh’s Laws of showing honor for parents, authorities, and Yahweh.


  • Be steadfast with our studies. There are plenty of materials from The House of Yahweh, as well as the Work of Yahweh, to help us achieve the goal of becoming a teacher. We have Yahshua Messiah as an example; He stated that He was about His Father’s Work when He asked and answered questions on the Sabbath.


  • We should continue to ask at Abel. We see a world that does not do so and the results are nations on the brink of destruction. Without answers from Abel and Yahweh’s Anointed Priests, world leaders are not making peaceful decisions as they seek to fulfill selfish gains.


  • We should not give up as we remember that we are protected. Why? Because The House of Yahweh teaches us how to receive this protection; it is through the keeping of Yahweh’s Laws.


  • We should also realize that we are tested, because Yahweh wants to see what we are capable of overcoming and accomplishing.


  • Learning to appreciate one another and the work we do for one another is important, and we should be thankful. Therefore, encourage one another and show respect, because we value our brothers and sisters.


  • Focus on controlling the unruly tongue; that is, negative gossip. We must learn to control it, because words can hurt. Keeping our words positive will help encourage others. Guard our words and think, “Would I say this to Yahweh?”


  • Our #1 goal should be to seek the Kingdom of Yahweh, and then we should base all our other goals in relation to our #1 goal. This is a worthy goal, as it will bring peace. The foolishness of the world is passing away, as Prophecy states that Babylon is falling. Therefore, let us all put forth effort into becoming teachers.


  • Bottom line, we must guard our minds from negative influences; it’s a choice.


In conclusion, we pick up on the words of exhortation by two of our young men: “Let us work harder and help Yisrayl Hawkins oppose Babylon.” Remember to study and rejoice in the fact that “Yisrayl is our Niagara Falls of Living Water.” We have no excuses. Therefore, come and drink of the Water of Life, freely.