The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 06/13/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


Behold, I will send for many fishermen, says Yahweh, and they will fish them Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 16:16. Today, we received clarification on Yeremyah’s amazing prophecy for these Last Days and beyond…


Son of Yisrayl, Odiyah began services by reminding us what Pastor has repeatedly taught – we are on trial before Yahweh. We cannot point the finger at others when we have our own overcoming underway. He emphasized that we need to take our tests and trials and realize that our brothers and sisters are enduring in similar ways. Scripture tells us that through much tribulation we shall enter the Kingdom. With encouraging words, young Odiyah quotes verses about not giving way to fear and to rejoice.


Next, Son of Yisrayl, Deacon Tawakyah went over a few historical facts, namely the ten persecutions that describe the trials the Believers endured under the oppression of the soldiers from Rome. The Catholic Church suppressed the Work of Yahweh and the deception spread throughout the world. Today, The House of Yahweh continues to endure the persecution but this time, prophecy reveals, this work will continue to flourish. As we continue running the race, the deacon encourages us not to give up on ourselves, nor the Work of Yahweh.


The Great Kohan Benyamin helped us connect some dots on Pastor’s teachings from Yeremyah 23:3-4. Going over important numbers and definitions, we see significance in the Hebrew words, fish/fishermen as well as several numbers to bring a solid understanding of the Great Gathering that will begin in our time and extend into all eternity. Revealing the properties of the number 153 and its presence in times and places, it is easy to see that once Yahweh’s Fishermen of the peoples, nations, and tongues is underway, there will be nothing to stop its progression. Running a righteous race alongside Satan’s time-limited false splendor gave the Kohan’s sermon deeper understanding. We run for an imperishable crown, not a triple crown of deception.


Great Kohan Yliyah presented the news that can easily be classified as “profound.” From questionable safe drinking water to the alarming effects of pornography on the human mind, the news definitely gives the viewer reason to pause and reflect upon the state of the world. Acknowledging the effects of hip-hop music on a generation as well as the moneymaking statistics of increasing the prison population, we see young, impressionable, men and women as victims of an oppressive society. On the world financial stage, China and Russia are making moves on a new world order.


Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins, set the record straight on the effects of unlawful “worldly” music and pornography upon a child’s mind. Stating it as it is, parents will be held accountable for harm inflicted upon their children if they do not make every effort to protect them from all such negative influences.


Going over how STDs have damaged the human mind through mutations and changing DNA, Pastor helps us to understand that the human body has become the equivalent to laboratories in the breeding of violence, lust, disease, and confusion. Over the centuries, the changes have become part of our DNA and most of these viruses are next to impossible to get rid of at this time. The effects are obvious – road rage, public displays of violence between women and children, indiscriminate shooting rampages, and so forth. However, not all is lost, as we strive to overcome sin and guard and protect our minds, bodies, and those of our children.


We conclude with Pastor’s description of Yahshua’s example. How did Yahshua overcome, for He was tempted as we are today? How did He do it? Answer… He. Resisted. It. He made up His mind in advance to resist sin. We must fight the righteous fight, for not only this life, but also our life in the future Kingdom of Yahweh.