The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 05/09/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

With the showdown between The House of Yahweh and the Vatican escalating, Yisrayl Hawkins continues to expose deception and lies, as he brings truth to viewers around the world. With more and more people tuning in and/or reading his blog posts, the showdown is well underway at this time. Prophecy clearly states who the victor will be.

Sons of Yisrayl Abel, Odiyah, and Deacon Abba Shalom began services today with sermons about choice. Deuteronomy 30:15 reveals that we must make a choice between righteousness and evil, but Yahweh wants us to choose life. Citing examples of Yahshua and Barabbas we see a time when the people chose curses and death over life. Today we see that same choice going on every day. The way of Cain is upon the world because they have rejected the Laws of Yahweh and the way to peace. Beside the wars and fighting, we see our food supply becoming contaminated and fueling confused minds. Righteous Laws of Yahweh would bring peace between nations and health and joy to the people.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Yisrayl David presented the news today – chlamydia outbreak shuts down a high school, Ebola mutations, severe weather in TX and OK, earthquakes, California drought, effects of chlorine gas attack in Syria, and the horrors of the Saudi war upon Yemen all describe the ravages of Satan’s lustful, vengeful ways upon the earth.

The Great Kohan Benyamin spoke about an event in 1962, which clearly reveals a lack of concern for people and land as an experiment was undertaken without prior knowledge of what the effects might produce. Known as the Rainbow Bomb, the US blew up a hydrogen bomb in space to test a new weapon that would harness the radiation in the magnetic sphere. The Van Allen Belt had been barely discovered when plans went into place to detonate a bomb larger than the one used upon Hiroshima. The results produced several colors over Hawaii and the discovery that satellites could be altered using the magnetic shield in this violent method.

Yisrayl Hawkins follows up Kohan Benyamin’s sermon, adding a few more pieces to the puzzle. The Rainbow Bomb describes “the rainbow ways” that we see generated throughout the world at this time. At this point, Yisrayl reminds us of one solid fact, Satan is on trial, and she hopes to bring destruction upon the earth and humanity while pretending to bring peace. She also uses lust to spread more and more STDs, which in time would destroy humanity.

Yisrayl presented a diagram on the Rainbow Bomb, which made the devastating potential clearer for our thoughts. When they exploded that tactical nuclear weapon in 1962, they were in hopes of using the magnetic sphere, which is filled with trapped radiation from the sun, to direct a catastrophic event to the other side of the globe. Of note, the magnetic shield was originally created by Yahweh to protect the earth from the sun’s radioactive rays.

Pastor Yisrayl continues with his explanations of Daniyl’s prophecies of the four beasts. Describing the origins of the first beast, and the subsequent spread throughout the world, the fourth and last beast sits upon the Seven Hills of Rome. Here is where Satan wages her battles – going against Yahshua Messiah and those who are with Him and in unity with Yahweh.

Leading the world in Godworship, they push the people to become evil like the gods (the mixture of righteousness and evil). They also attempt to force sodomy upon society beginning with Hollywood and now into the schools, there are some who are fighting back. Pastor reads an article describing how heated this situation has become. It seems that Christian leaders (also known as the daughters of the great whore in Revelation 17) have warned the Supreme Court not to cross that line – namely the sanctity of marriage. Civil disobedience is the threat if the court rules in favor of gay marriage.

With a discussion on how deadly plagues form, Yisrayl speaks on STDs, unclean meats such as pork, and the mutations that follow when blood is spilled by war. With new diseases emerging every year and death in the streets the stage is set for another devastating plague where people will die in the thousands each day. The Savior said these plagues would be the worst ever (Revelation 16).

We conclude with Yisrayl’s teaching about Yahseph and his robe of many colors. Yahseph was a righteous teacher and his robe was none other than his tallit. Today, Yisrayl Hawkins is that righteous teacher and he wears a robe – a tallit – of many colors. He has a white one, a gold one, a purple one, and one with the four colors of the rainbow, which directly offset the rainbow presented in the world today. Yisrayl’s rainbow tallit stands for peace and obedience to Yahweh’s Way – His Laws.