The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 03/28/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Our labor is not in vain – we support the Great Plan of Yahweh, which will see an end to all the misery and suffering that affects all life on earth at this time.

Future Priests Buffalo Bill and Deacon Melchizedek began services today by covering some of the following points…

  • Yisrayl Hawkins has given us the study materials we need so we can learn what to teach and then teach what we learn.
  • The study materials from The House of Yahweh and Yisrayl Hawkins are as Golden Oil.
  • Yahshua studied from a young age and He is our example to follow.
  • The world today does not know love. Love is the keeping of Yahweh’s Laws.
  • We have to keep all of Yahweh’s Laws to have total peace, love, and joy.

On this day, we had the joy of hearing from four of our Great Kohans in The House of Yahweh. The inspiration of Yahweh was apparent as each Kohan built upon the character of Yahweh’s People as the Great Harvest approaches.

Great Kohan Nathanyah comforts our hearts and minds by reminding us that Yahweh will help us endure these difficult times if we hold fast to the words of the Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins. These are days of great tribulation and today we see anguish and turmoil all around us. He read from Malakyah (Malachi) 4:4-6 and points out that we will be able to rejoice through these days because we know and keep the Laws of Yahweh – the Yliyah (Elijah), which means the strength of Yahweh. In addition, we have the prophecies, which help us to both see the Work of Yahweh and know what to prepare for. A popular slogan in The House of Yahweh is “If it’s not forever, we don’t want it,” and Kohan Nathanyah tells us that sin will not remain forever because the Laws of Yahweh are the conquering power, and the Laws of Yahweh are indeed, forever.

The Great Kohan Malakyah read from Ecclesiastes and we recognize that there is a time for everything and he reminds us that Yisrayl Hawkins told us that this is the year of Harvest. Yisrayl is also the Faithful Servant to finish the Work of reaping because the harvest is ready. We are in the last part of Yahweh’s Plan and we have been provided with all that we need for salvation. Psalm 15 asks a profound question, “Who shall abide with You, Yahweh?” The Kohan examines the words and provides definitions. Who shall abide with Yahweh are those who walk uprightly, which means they are marked by strong moral rectitude. Rectitude means to be morally correct in behavior and thought. Of course, the PSCEP directs us in our day-by-day actions toward others, the environment, and ourselves.

Next, we heard from the Great Kohan Kepha who brings the latest song in The House of Yahweh, The Harvest Song, written by Yisrayl Hawkins. The lyrics speak of the colors of our growth, how we have persevered through hardships and have not given way to fear. Reading from the Book of Iyyob we see a man who rejoiced through unrelenting pain and suffering because he knew the Plan of Yahweh. The Kohan encourages us by saying that the work we are doing at this time is more than that particular job. We are in unity to learn the basics of life and prepare to teach and restore Yahweh’s great wisdom back to planet earth. We know that Yahweh’s Plan, from the beginning, is able to sustain the entire body. Kohan Kepha also provided a visual example – a 150-year-old piece of lumber. The first, showed how rough and dirty the wood was and the second was the finished product, once the craftsman completed the restoration process. The lumber is beautiful to behold. He also tells us that Yahweh knows what He is doing and we must put effort in this present time to overcome. Time is a precious commodity and we should not waste a moment of our time.

Last, we heard from the Great Kohan Yahshua who helps us to understand that we benefit from engaging with Yahweh during our tests and trials. He presented a few points from the work of Skinner and Pavlov. The conditioning of our minds through rewards/punishments leads to a better relationship with Yahweh over avoidance learning. Sure, Yahweh could force us to submit but our relationship would not develop a strong bond. We saw the negative effects of such methods through the crusades of the Catholic Church under convert or perish. Rather by free-shaping behavior we are able to engage actively with Yahweh – we study and try our best to put on righteousness and we know that Yahweh will judge us first and foremost by our efforts. Kohan Yahshua does not spare our feelings though by reminding us of scripture which states that if the righteous turn from righteousness, all their efforts will be forgotten.

We conclude, on the words of Yechetzqyah – the soul that sins, it will die. Therefore, let us all strive to keep Yahweh’s Laws and support one another in our tests and trials as we see the Day of Yahweh approaching.