The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 03/21/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


As the Golden Harvest approaches and as the Green Ears of Barley were sighted at Abel, we are reminded of Yeremyah’s writings, which read, I Yahweh, search the heart, I test the mind, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.


The “Daughters of Yisrayl” stepped onto the stage today to present a one-of-a-kind service – one that will be forever recorded throughout history.


The following are but a few of the highlights…


  • To have truth, life, and perfection we must keep Yahweh’s Laws.


  • Yahweh requires us to repent of sin, and turn to Him by keeping His Laws.


  • Love at harvest time means Loyalty, Obedience, Victory, and E If these qualities are in us, then we are ripe and ready for Yahweh’s Harvest.


  • Strive to come into unity – negative thoughts may hold us back, therefore, be like Yahshua, and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.


  • The Kingdom of Yahweh is like a planted field – it must be tilled, planted, weeded, matured and ready for harvest.


  • Yahweh is looking for positive qualities such as obedience, mercy, and endurance.


  • We show respect to others with words spoken in kindness.


  • We qualify for Yahweh’s Kingdom by obeying and practicing righteousness.


  • Study the House of Yahweh publications – PWs NLs, Book of Yahweh, and Books of Yisrayl and encourage one another to study and continue steadfast with our studies.


  • Yahweh wants to find the great fruits within our hearts – these fruits are beneficial toward all.


  • Change starts from within; therefore, we are obligated to walk as Yahshua walked.


  • As plants need water, food, sunlight to grow – we need to drink the water, which leads to everlasting life, the words from The Book of Yahweh.


  • Three main ways to qualify for the harvest are 1) unity 2) attitude of servitude and 3) rejoice.


  • Yahweh will carefully choose whom He will harvest – His eyes are upon us and we are asked the question, “Are we ready to be harvested?”


  • We must love Yahweh, love our neighbor, and have a strong desire in our hearts to guard and protect all that Yahweh has made.


  • We are called to be a blessing so we must uplift the work and one another – we should not be intentionally talking about others behind their backs or slandering.


  • Question: Are we showing Yahweh, by our fruits, that we want a forever job in the Kingdom?


  • The harvest is plenteous and Yahweh will open their minds to understanding – we must be ready to teach.


  • Yahweh provides us with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding – we just need to study and draw it out and it is important what we accept, as it goes into our DNA to pass on to the next generation.


  • As the farmer has tools, Yahweh sees to our needs and we must do our part to weed out sin from our lives.


  • Striving to be humble is a character trait to develop – we should want to be as little children, willing and obedient to do the work of Yahweh, and to stand up for what is right but in a humble way.


In conclusion: Last Feast the theme was never sin again. Yisrayl Hawkins set our hearts in motion to prepare us for this Feast of golden harvest.