The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 01/31/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


This is what Yahweh of hosts says: Behold, the Man Whose Name is the Branch! For He will branch out from His place, and He will build The House of Yahweh! (Zecharyah 6:12) The House of Yahweh was established in the Chief of the Nations in 1983. Yisrayl Hawkins continues to preach and publish the message of the Kingdom of Yahweh from Abilene, Texas, USA.


Future Priest Yoshiyah began services on the topic of Valentine’s Day (VD). This is a day celebrated around the world, yet few realize its origins and its significance today. Our young teacher explained this day represents not the spreading of love but rather the spreading of STDs. He presented a video by The House of Yahweh on Valentine’s Day. The Queen of Heaven is the actual recipient of the honor and attention achieved on VD. Yoshiyah reminds us that VD more aptly stands for venereal disease and these diseases weaken the immune system. Certainly, the Prophet Isayah stated this in Isayah 14:12 – Satan weakens the nations.


Future Priest Deacon Melchizedek presented a short video demonstrating a man working with clay. The deacon reminds of Isayah’s words, revealing that Yahweh made us and He molds and shapes our lives at this time.


Then we heard from the Great Deacon David and the Great Kohan Yliyah. They both elaborated on the topic of knowledge, the importance of seeking after it and the primary means by which to achieve this great knowledge. Ultimately, it is our ability to accept and submit to instruction. When we learn of the Sabbath, the Name Yahweh, and the Feast, our next step is to go to the place Yahweh chooses; at this place, we ask for and receive instruction from the priests who are ordained in Yahweh’s House. Furthermore, we must believe all that the prophets have spoken and they spoke of The Two Witnesses. In these Last Days, the One Sent is Yisrayl Hawkins and he teaches us to respect and give reverence to Yahweh and His Laws. We are reminded also that we cannot serve both ways – the way of Yahweh and the way of the world. Scripturally we are admonished to come out of the world or come away from worldly influences. Therefore, it is our choice, as to whom we choose to serve but most assuredly, we cannot serve both.


Our last speaker was the Great Kohan Benyamin. In his sermon, the Kohan went over a timeline of events by covering a series of dates, their meanings in relation to Yisrayl Hawkins, and those of us who adhere to his teachings. The years 1933, 1934, 1961, 1962 were featured and the significance of these dates parallel the fulfillment of prophecy. In 1962, the world narrowly missed an all-out nuclear war and Kohan Benyamin played a video, which presented the sobering fact that by the thoughtful actions of one man, the world did not spiral out of control. Of course, we see Yahweh’s Hand in ending the Cuban Missile Crisis. Why did Yahweh intervene?  The world could not face nuclear annihilation at that time because the Work of The Two Witnesses and their prophecies had yet to be fulfilled.


We conclude with an admonition from the Book of Hosheyah and an encouragement to seek knowledge only from the Last Days’ House of Yahweh, otherwise…


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge