The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 01/17/2015

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


Billboard fights in the south – “There is no God” and “Jesus saves” – epitomize the confusion and frustration of the nations. Yisrayl Hawkins and The House of Yahweh preach and publish a message, which brings understanding and settles all such futile disputes – Yahweh is not a god! He is the Almighty Living Heavenly Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Yaaqob. He is the Only Power in the Universe.


Young Future Priest Buffalo Bill began services on this day with a packed sermonette on what is causing world problems. He read from Genesis and with accompanying side notes. Cain chose to be like the gods, he chose to disobey and rebel. He refused the teachings of Abel who was Yahweh’s first righteous priest. To help us understand, Buffalo Bill paints a picture in our mind’s eye of a pagan Christmas tree, cut from a forest, completely severed from its foundation – its roots. Without the Laws of Yahweh, the peoples of the earth face many problems. Our teacher, Yisrayl treads down the grapes of wrath by bringing forth the Laws of Yahweh.


Future Priest Deacon Sholomo delivered his sermonette to prove that Yisrayl Hawkins is trying to stop the wars in this Last Generation. Going over the Steps to Stop All Wars, Deacon Sholomo adds yet more of Yisrayl’s efforts by reading from the Preparedness Handbook and quotes from sermons given in 2005. Pastor explains that once the Kingdom of Yahweh is established, we will never allow sin to take root again.


The news on this day reaffirms the time as the Last Days and the Great Kohan Yliyah tells us to pay close attention to the moves of Pope Francis and the Vatican. The subtleties will pass over the masses but the details are not lost upon students of Yisrayl Hawkins. Prophecies are being fulfilled as we prepare for what is yet to come. Attempts to correct global warming – a clarion call for change – may prove to be the catalyst for nuclear war.


The Last Days Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins, continues his prophesied work by opposing Babylon and exposing the man of sin and the efforts of the Vatican, to depopulate the world. Thankfully, Yisrayl sees through the maneuvers of Pope Francis and reveals the tactics of the Little Horn of Daniyl’s fourth world ruling kingdom.


  • Yisrayl reads several articles, which describe the latest scientific findings about life forms in the firmament.
  • Their findings are no surprise to Yisrayl’s students who have understood about the life that exists in the atmosphere and the troubles that have caused our microscopic helpers to suffer in this time period.
  • The sins of mankind, namely the STDs, have damaged life in the heavens. STDs are the real cause of global warming. Details are available for anyone to read in 2006 Prophetic Word Magazine. (deep link magazine)
  • Scientists have called upon the Pope to take charge of the situation. Their combined efforts will focus on greenhouse emissions and the pressure the Vatican can place upon the nations.
  • However, Pastor looks to the prophecies and knows that the real motivation is to resurrect the power of the diminished Holy Roman Empire.


To appreciate the full impact and context of Pastor’s sermon it is advisable to listen to this teaching in its entirety. Refer to the list of sermons, click on this date, January 17, 2015, and hear the Greatest Teacher in the world for yourself. You will not want to miss a word.


We conclude with Pope Francis’ not so veiled threat to The House of Yahweh. With a raised fist, he describes what he would do to those who speak against his mother. How many realize his mother is none other than Mary, the Queen of Heaven? Undaunted by this, Yisrayl Hawkins reads Revelation 17, verse-by-verse, to reveal Mystery Babylon the Great and the sentence that awaits the Great Whore who sits on many waters, headquartered on the Seven Hills of Rome.