The House of Yahweh Day of Atonement Sabbath Review – 10/05/2014

A Recap of The Day of Atonement Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


Psalm 136… Oh, give thanks to Yahweh, for He is righteous! Because His mercy is forever and ever.


On The Day of Atonement Sabbath Services, 2014 we were delighted to attend a Women’s Presentation.


The female members of Yahweh’s House covered several interesting subjects keeping their focus on 1) The Day of Atonement, 2) The Mercy of Yahweh, and 3) Unity Within The House of Yahweh. The following are a few of the main highlights…


The Day of Atonement


  • More than a day to afflict our souls
  • A day we earnestly seek forgiveness for our sins
  • Requires that we be humble and deny ourselves food/water for 24 hours
  • The original pronunciation of the word one was own, hence the word atonement is aptly read
  • As to why this Day is different from all other days, the congregation joined in a recital of their understanding and belief of who we are as Yahweh’s People – those who keep His Laws completely and wholeheartedly


There is Unity in The House of Yahweh


  • The color purple represents loyalty
  • We are at-one-ment with Yisrayl Hawkins, Yahshua Messiah, and Great Father Yahweh
  • Unity is what Yahweh’s Mercy will bring to all heaven and earth
  • It takes every member to accomplish the Work of Yahweh
  • We let our love of Yahweh’s Laws settle our issues and remain in unity
  • Yahweh’s blessings of protection and salvation are for those who keep, love, and uphold every Word of every Law of Yahweh
  • We submit to those who are ordained and are in unity, which is total agreement with Yahweh and His House


We consider one another


  • We do not fight with one another and our battles are of a personal/spiritual nature – we strive to overcome our thoughts, words, and actions
  • We should not look back to what we left behind but rather look ahead
  • Recognize who our true family is – members of The House of Yahweh
  • Be careful of the words we speak, do they hurt or heal
  • Hurtful words can be forgiven and resentment can be overcome but the effects of hurtful or thoughtless words are not easily forgotten
  • Do not provoke or push one another, especially if that person is suffering
  • Say “yes” to staying in Yahweh’s House and keeping His Laws


We are thankful in The House of Yahweh


  • We count our blessings even though sometimes the tests make it hard to appreciate all that we have in The House of Yahweh
  • The blessings we do not see are among our most valued, friendship, health, wisdom, and understanding
  • We are thankful to know Yahweh’s Name and we learn His Laws as taught by the One Sent, Yisrayl Hawkins
  • Focus on the bright side and it will help us deal with the tests and trials
  • Examine ourselves so we know what to work on but do not dwell on the negative
  • We can trust in Yahweh and not worry about the things of tomorrow
  • Everything about Yahweh is of the highest quality
  • We are attaining to the 13 attributes of Yahweh


We conclude the review with Leviticus 23:27… the Tenth of the Seventh Moon is the Day of Atonement. It shall be a Holy Convocation for you. You shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire to Yahweh.