Seek First the Kingdom of Yahweh

Yisrayl Hawkins teaches…  


The Last Days’ Witness explains what the word kingdom means and he debunks the immortal soul, evolution, and religious mysticism.

Excerpts from The Book of Yisrayl, Volume 11 Part 1…


The Savior said in Mattithyah (Matthew) 6:33, He said, seek this first. Seek this rulership over you. That is what that word kingdom means.


The Kingdom of Yahweh, it means a rulership, a rulership that will guide and teach you, but it comes from Yahweh, not from the Gods and not from their rabbis who claim to be Gods after they die.


I believe it was Solomon, who said, how do you know if a man’s soul is going to go to one place and a dog’s soul is going to go to another? Solomon was trying to get them to think what they were saying. Is there any evidence of this? Can you see your soul going up there?


If you read that, it is almost like Solomon was laughing when he said it like, “Who are you trying to kid? Are you trying to pull my leg or something? Here is a dead dog, which way did his soul go? How do you know it went that way?


Well, that is the stupidity in their way of thinking. We have facts in the Holy Scriptures. We don’t have guesswork. We don’t. That is the reason that I said, this is an absolute fact now that man’s life began one day, one day, but it also began with man and woman. It didn’t just begin with one. It began with man and woman and it can only be traced back to that one day’s time-period, no further.


Will they repent now and stop teaching evolution, stop teaching these lies in the schools? These were the schools they brought forth, the gnosis schools. Later, they changed this and started calling it a religion.


But all of this is mysticism and, of course, that is what the Catholic Church right now is called in Revelation 17, mystery Babylon the great. It’s all a big mystery. You cannot understand it. You are too dumb to understand what us high priests are talking about here that we have to keep ourselves separated from you because we are holier than you are. That is the reason we can understand it and you’re too stupid to understand it.


Well, you can understand, “Remember the Seventh Day of the week and keep it Holy,” but they can’t understand it.


You can understand the first one, “Don’t be having any of these Gods in front of Me because they are My enemies. They are your enemies too that will bring you down.” That is the first Commandment. That is easy to understand.


Well, I know that you can see the stupidity in it, but for some reason they can’t. Their minds are blocked. No one who practices wickedness, evil, iniquity will be able to understand. They will not be able to understand that the Seventh Day has got to be kept Holy in order to be a part of this Kingdom and that you’ve got to see the Habitation of Yahweh, Yahweh. Not Jesus! Not Lord! Not rabbi! You have to seek the Habitation of Yahweh; be taught by His teachers there, in order to get there.


Notice in Deuteronomy 16:11, He says, You shall rejoice in front of Yahweh… Meaning He’s going to be there. Now, that is not too hard to understand and if you don’t take the Name of Yahweh out, then you will know by the Prophecies where that place is later.


Look at the last part there … at the place Yahweh your Father chooses to establish His Name… So these are commands now. Remember the word I pointed out to you how these are commands He gave to Adam in Genesis 2. Remember that? Genesis 2? The Commands He gave to Adam, commanded you. Turn back there again to Genesis 2


Genesis 2:16 and notice… And Yahweh commanded the man… commanded him. These are the Commands that He actually gave to Adam that you get from the Tree; that is, the Tree that Yahweh – that came from the Garden of Yahweh, that are to care for, to guard, to protect, to seek for and rejoice at… He put man in this Garden where the Tree of Life was and He said work and care for it. Take great care of this. Don’t take it lightly, but take great care of the Life that He has promised and will give you if you keep His Commands, as you see in verse 16. And He says this.


He said this in Genesis 2:16-17

16 And Yahweh commanded the man, saying: Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat;

17 But of the Tree of the Knowledge of Righteousness and Evil you must not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die


You shall surely die?

It’s actually “dying you will die”


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