Sabbath Review, 18th of Noah Highlights from today’s Service (06/22/2019)…


Sabbath Review, 18th of Noah

Highlights from today’s Service (06/22/2019)


Women’s Presentation


·         Yahweh calls whom He wills to His House by opening their minds to the Truth

·         We can stay planted if we allow Yahweh to establish us – follow the instructions in The House of Yahweh for how to be established for Yahweh’s Kingdom

·         Sin has a ripple effect – sicknesses, diseases, abortions, STIs, etc. are results of sin

·         Come out of negative influences; produce Righteous fruit not distracted by events in the world; work on establishing ourselves as those who produce Righteous fruit

·         Endurance/obedience are most important; believe/trust in the Prophecies; be the ones to fulfill Genesis 1:26; set our minds in advance; if we stumble, we have the ability to get back up if we focus on enduring/trusting in Yahweh

·         We have many examples set before us in Scripture of those who endured tests and trials; we must rejoice in our tests today

·         Lamplight phrases in Gematrix reveal much about cafeteria, messenger, ransom, volunteer, etc.  

·         Helpmeet is an apt description because women work on being prepared, including knowing the Laws of Yahweh; a Righteous helpmeet is humble, accepts correction, and is valuable to Yahweh; they love Yahweh’s Laws, His Work, His Family

·         We all must recognize why we remain in Yahweh’s House and build upon our studies

·         Establishing The House of Yahweh was fulfilled by Yisrayl Hawkins as prophesied – our job is to hold fast/endure

·         Yahshua/Yisrayl are examples of teachers who helped us to believe all that the Prophets have spoken

·         Yahweh gives us our life and future ability to raise the dead, He will give us use of our subconscious mind

·         We must learn how to accept life – Pastor taught us to understand how everything within Yahweh’s Plan was set in place from the beginning; Yahweh knew us before He laid the foundation of the earth; Yahweh wants to know what is in our hearts, tests/trials reveal all

·         We have the ability to choose to do Righteousness – this is powerful

·         A saint is one who keeps the Laws of Yahweh; they have promise of Salvation from Yahweh


A few numbers today: 1869, 453, 1933, 322, 166, 165, 828, 138, 41, 53, 1074


A few Scriptures today: Deuteronomy 6:7, 25, 28:9; Mattithyah 5:17, 25:1-5; Luke 24:25; Hebrews 3:5, 11:1-2;  Isayah 44:7; Exodus 20:20; Romans 8:12-14, 16-17; Proverbs 1:8, 31:10-12, 27; Genesis 3:5, 14;  I Kepha 3:4-5;  Revelation 14:12, 22:14;  Daniyl 7:26