Last Days Prophecy Recorded in Genesis 49

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Genesis 49:10 is an amazing prophecy for a set time in man’s history. That time is now! Yisrayl Hawkins explains the prophecy given in Genesis 49:10 – a prophecy that scholars have struggled over for years.


Excerpt taken from The Book of Yisrayl, Volume 11 Part 2…


Genesis 49:1—Then Yaaqob (Jacob) called for his sons, and said; Gather together, so I may tell you what will befall you in the Last Days.

Genesis 49:10—The scepter will not depart from Yahdah, nor a ruling staff; Lawgiver, from between his feet, until He comes to Whom tribute belongs, and the obedience of the nations is His.


…“Until He Comes”…


This is not a prophecy of Yahshua’s birth…


This wasn’t the end of this Prophecy [fulfillment] when Yahshua Messiah came, when He was born.


He had to prove that He qualified for a job that could not be done until the last two words of verse 1.


See that?


… in the Last Days…


  • The Last Days, Yahshua could not do His job when He was born.
  • The birthday had nothing to do with it.


Yet, that’s what they worship or they claim to worship.

They didn’t know that a false prophet had given December 25th as the Savior’s birth.


[FYI: In 2012, Pope Benedict acknowledged December 25th is not the Savior’s birthday]


Now, that savior, to them [the false prophets], that savior was a rabbi that died long before this in Egypt, one of the conquerors that conquered with a sword.


The word lord, if you don’t know it, it comes from the word rabbi. That’s where you get the word lord. And when a rabbi was famous and he died, they would make a God out of him. They would deify him and start worshiping him.


And, of course, the practice is still the same today.

That’s what Halloween is all about.


When a pope dies today, do they make him a saint that we can pray to or not? “Oh yeah, come on, let’s get to making him a saint. Hurry, hurry, hurry.” And they keep postponing it and postponing it.


  • You don’t make a saint out of a dead person.
  • You’ve got to train a live person to make a Saint!


Well, that’s what the teachings that Yahshua brought forth are all about, training live people to be like Him.


  • He is our High Priest and King but He is also our Teacher, our Example.
  • He’s an Example of Yahweh Himself, the spitting Image, the Perfect Likeness of Yahweh Himself.
  • That’s the reason He works on the Sabbath Day, serving others, on the Feast Days the same.


Well here now, …. Until He comes to Whom tribute




Well, they think that He deserved to get the tithes and the offerings. Well, it seems like everything they say, every teaching they have is screwed up.


No, it wasn’t—it had nothing to do with money.




This word tribute here means…  something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved; a gift of service…

Or a gift of service as you’re told to do here each Sabbath, as Yahweh does, blessing Yahweh’s people. “What do you want me to do today?” Today’s the Sabbath Day. I want you to serve people.


… a gift of service showing respect …


That’s what Yahshua did remember? He wrapped a towel around Himself and started washing feet. What if I told you that this man, he needs his feet washed before he comes into the Sanctuary? “I ain’t gonna wash his feet.” Well, you wouldn’t be like Yahshua. Yahshua would have washed his feet and did.


… showing respect…


Respect? People have actually, actually gotten angry because I show respect and praise to Yahweh’s people. Brethren, I’m showing it to Yahweh when I show it to you. “If you do this to the least of these, my brethren, you did it to Me.” These were Yahshua’s Words.

… gratitude or affection, something as material evidence or a formal attestation that indicates the worth, value or effectiveness of one in question…


Yahshua proved He was Righteousness.


  • That’s where the tribute belongs, to Him Who proved His Righteousness.
  • That’s the tribute.
  • It’s not money. It’s not taxes.


They make out like, you know, that it is. That’s one, paying taxes and the one receiving the taxes, he deserves the tribute.


Not at all.


This is speaking of Righteousness, Righteous behavior, servitude, as Yahshua taught perfectly and He performed it perfectly.


… until He comes to Whom tribute belongs…


Remember… in the Last Days


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