In the Beginning was The Word – A Greek Translation Error

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Two statements 1) in the beginning was The Word and 2) the Word became flesh, have both fueled deceptive doctrine for literally hundreds of years. Today, The Book of Yahweh – the most accurate translation of the Bible available – explains the Greek word “Logos” – deceptively applied to suggest a Pre-existing Savior – details how the deception came about.


The original writings of Yahchanan (John) clearly describe the Plan of Yahweh.


“PLAN” correctly translated in Yahchanan (John) 1:1-5. Bible passage and footnote taken from The Book of Yahweh The Holy Scriptures page 814


Yahchanan (John) 1:1-5

1 In the beginning was the plan of Yahweh, and the plan was with Yahweh, and the plan was Yahweh’s

2 The same plan was in the beginning with Yahweh.

3 All things were done according to it, and without it nothing was done, that was done.

4 In this plan was life, and that life was the light to mankind.

5 Now that light shines in the darkness, but the darkness does not take hold of it.


Verse 1:1—Plan:

Translated from the Greek LOGOS—meaning: something said including the thoughts; by implication; a topic or subject of set discourse; also reasoning with the mental faculties, and motive. Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, Pages 380 – 382.


This Greek word LOGOS shows to be itself the Greek translation of the original Hebrew word DABAR, which means: Yahweh’s revealed will… His Whole Plan and purpose for mankind. The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volume 4, Pages 870 – 871.


Some of the most blatant misunderstanding and deceit have arisen because of Yahchanan 1:1-5.


  • These five Scriptures are used to justify the pagan concept of the trinity that still exists in the religions of today.
  • Trying to justify the doctrine that Yahshua Messiah pre-existed, that it was Yahshua Who was being referred to as the WORD, that Yahshua was a god (el) previously, and now, Yahshua Messiah is the god (el) of the “new testament.”


All of this is due to the translators’ lack of Spiritual Understanding.


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