How much do we know about the microbes that inhabit the atmosphere?

Yisrayl Explains…


Bacteria populate both soil and sea. We know this. Most of us learned about soil and sea microbes in school. Likewise, the atmosphere (the firmament) is also full of microscopic life. It is time to update our educational understanding…

Yisrayl Hawkins has combined Scriptural knowledge with the latest scientific findings to bring a completely new world of life forms to our acquaintance. What Yisrayl has known for years, through his life-long study of Scripture, is now fully supported by the scientific community.

The following is an excerpt from Yisrayl’s blog entitled, Global Warming could be stopped if we act now…see how.

We know from present scientific discoveries that the firmament is made up of kingdoms of microorganisms. Starting at earth level, even below earth level, we know that kingdoms of different microorganisms are assigned work.

Kingdom with kingdom assisting each other to bring forth food for mankind. We know that without them doing their jobs, vegetation would not grow. Trees would not bear fruit. In fact, there would be no trees, period.

The same is true in the seas. All life in the seas would quickly die, if these different kingdoms of microorganisms stopped doing their jobs.

In the same way and by these same kingdoms, your body receives its life-giving elements. Your body is made up of about 30 trillion different kingdoms. If one of these kingdoms is attacked by a virus, and the immune system, another kingdom of microorganisms, is unable to defend the working kingdom under attack, your body suffers from what is referred to as sickness and disease.

The Firmament

Mankind works at tilling the earth and planting seeds, from which come forth food for man. Mankind must guard and keep the process of seed and harvest, so that they do not deteriorate or go lax, which would cause mankind to lack in harvest and food for the winter.

However, if the kingdoms of microorganisms are sick and can’t do their job of making food grow, all the labor of mankind would not be able to produce even one apple or potato. That’s how much we are dependent upon the firmament.


Remember, the firmament is made up of trillions of micro-kingdoms regulated by Law to provide many services for mankind, even to adjust themselves. Speaking of the micro-kingdoms, they adjust themselves to allow just the right amount of the sun’s rays to reach earth for man.

Microorganisms are live beings

Microorganisms live or exist throughout all of creation. They have personalities. They eat. They produce offspring; yes, they multiply. They even enjoy doing the jobs assigned to them by Law.

It is estimated that it takes around 30 trillion different micro-kingdoms to keep your body running properly. If one micro-kingdom is made sick from defiled food, water, air, or STDs; yes, STDs, it affects every organ in your body.

The micro-kingdoms assigned to work in the firmament are made up of the same micro-kingdoms that manage your body. They are assigned to manage the firmament in much the same way.

•    It should be understood that these micro-kingdoms of the earth, water and air and are being attacked by the same bacteria, viruses, etc. that attack the micro-kingdoms in your body.
•    It should also be understood that our earth, water, and air–the firmament–are suffering damage, as are our bodies.

We treat the symptoms of our bodies, but is there a way to treat the firmament?

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