The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 6/14/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

“The Judgments of Yahweh are true and altogether righteous.” Students of Yisrayl Hawkins have the opportunity to study Yahweh’s Laws and see the loving care and concern that Yahweh has for His Creation. Learning to be in unity with our Heavenly Father and finding true peace are possible under the instruction and guidance of the Last Days’ Witness.

This week we heard from four Great Teachers in Yahweh’s House as well as our beloved Pastor, who expounded on the Perfect Judgments of Yahweh. His sermon had everyone’s ears perked, eager to absorb knowledge on their most cherished subject – Yahweh, and His Marvelous Law.

Future Priest Deacon Tawakyah began the day with a mini-study on the devastating effects of radiation and the atom bomb. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrific events that underscore the scriptural era of the Last Days – days in which humanity would see knowledge increase to the detriment of all life on earth.

Our second speaker was Great Kohan Kepha and the title of his sermon was: “Coming into Unity with Yahweh is the Only Way to Peace.” He drew our attention to what we see throughout the world today – division and empty gestures of peace. Reading II Thessalonians 3:16, the Kohan pointed out that Yahweh is the Creator of Peace; therefore, it is impossible to have peace without being in unity with Yahweh.

He reminded us that peace is more than the absence of war and explains that it takes training in peace and trust in Yahweh, to be in unity with Him. By our efforts to conform to Yahweh’s Laws and Yisrayl’s lessons, we will be able to teach this peaceful message to others.

Furthermore, we must set righteous examples for our children – not that of rebellion or disunity – but rather harmony and agreement with the teachings and administration of The House of Yahweh. Setting reminders on the things that matter, not straying from that perfect unity, and remembering that Yahweh’s House was set up for the purpose of being a light to mankind, demonstrates we are coming into agreement with Yahweh.

Next, we heard from Future Priest Deacon Yisrayl Abel and his topic, “It’s Our Choice,” fit in perfectly with the overall message of the day. He reminded us from Deuteronomy 30:19 that we all have a choice but if we choose to sin, choose to follow the path of Cain, then we will not have peace – we will only have war, disease, and death.

The Great Kohan Yliyah presented informative news clips – showing the state of the world and the grim situation that looms ahead. In attempts by the nations to achieve full-spectrum dominance we witness a world that is spiraling out of control – fighting, protests, and displaced families highlight the plight of hundreds of thousands today. Plus, the threat of all-out nuclear war is escalating. The medical news is not any better; many now see the quest to cure cancer as a miserable failure – cut/poison/burn was, and continues to be, the wrong approach.

“I’m Yahweh’s Last Days Witness!”

On this day, Yisrayl Hawkins’ sermon was literally riveting! Openly declaring his prophesied work, the Last Days’ Witness began with an overview of current events, which led into his main topic – when religious people do (and say) bad (and stupid) things.

He begins by telling us that the local news in Abilene does not run House of Yahweh press releases, while the rest of the US, and many places throughout the world, carry them by the thousands. The latest: Yisrayl Hawkins Says He Can Prove Sunday is Not the True Day of Rest in New Post, picked up by over 100,000 in less than 24 hours, attests to the public’s growing interest in wanting the facts.

Furthermore, disregarding Yisrayl’s warnings for years, residents in the local area continue to pray for rain only to receive a severe hail, which knocked down their signs. On that note, he read an excerpt from an infographic on, which states that weather ravaged people are no longer interested in the cause of the bad weather – they just want it to stop.

With too many articles to cover, Yisrayl skimmed over the headlines: droughts, fighting over water rights, dying fish, swarming grasshoppers, marijuana’s negative effects, air-borne flu, and beef recall over mad cow fears. “Good guy/bad guy” movie-style shootings now compare to USA/Russia military tactics,  and an archbishop found out (in court) that having sex with children was a crime – something the archbishop claimed he did not know – all topped off the latest news events, clearly showing the times as the worst ever.

Yisrayl praised the efforts of TX Governor Rick Perry, who recently compared homosexuality to alcoholism, and his declaration that people need education in order to make the right choice. These were words not lost on this congregation – fully aware, through the teachings of Yisrayl Hawkins and the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, that education is behind all positive moral choices. Applause echoed our agreement.

Yisrayl sharply criticized the teachings of religious leaders who distort the perfect Laws of Yahweh. Jack Van Impe’s comments on a Law that he obviously knows nothing about stirred up Pastor’s righteous indignation – reminiscent of Yahshua Messiah’s zeal for the Sabbath Day and Yahweh’s House. Pastor stated that he will not hesitate to expose their fallacy and stupidity.

Van Impe’s statement, “…and you think you want the True Law,” along with his narrow-minded comments on Yahweh’s Law of death by stoning, reflects his total lack of understanding.  Sharply contrasting Van Impe’s criticism, Pastor extolled the built-in wisdom of this pure-minded Judgment.

Unlike the current judicial system, which is plagued with corruption, bribery, circumstantial evidence, and false-testimonies, Yahweh’s righteous team (made up of judges, investigators, and unbiased witnesses) uphold a law which does not destroy lives – including the life of the wrongdoer. The fact is, it takes quality time to determine innocence or guilt. Contrary to jails and prisons, Yahweh’s cities of refuge, monitored by His Righteous Priests, are set up to evaluate, protect, and improve upon the life of the accused.

While explaining details of this Judgment, Yisrayl pointed out that Mosheh studied for 40 years to learn to teach Yahweh’s perfect (tried and tested) body of Law. Coming out of Egypt, Mosheh studied under the Mighty Priests of Yahweh at the Burning Bush – The House of Yahweh, at times called the Great Stone of Abel.

Yisrayl also studied for over 40 years and is undeniably the Greatest Teacher of Yahweh’s Laws on earth today.

In 1967, Yahweh blessed him with a business that enabled him to both care for his family and enter a life of deep scriptural study. His helps included the Septuagint, Vulgate, Authoritative Commentaries, and the Holy Scriptures. Today, Pastor knows that his students – men, women, and young children in Yahweh’s House, are now fully able to teach the unlearned such as Mr. Jack Van Impe.

To the misinformed and maligning religious leaders – who take profanity to the entire world – Pastor admonished them to read and believe the scriptures. He told them who they worship (Satan) as they condemn Yahweh’s Law and he squarely put “only-believe” religions among the fools that Yahshua criticized in Luke 24:25. Pastor also told them to read I Corinthians 6:9 [do not deceive yourselves …] and Isayah 34:16 [search out The Book of Yahweh].

On the subject of murder, Yisrayl explained that murder is committed all the time in today’s world. In this, the congregation appreciates the magnifying and honoring of Yahweh’s Law. Adultery and theft are but two examples of murder – lives are negatively affected – the world is ignorant of this and Yisrayl said the preachers do nothing to educate the people otherwise.

Yisrayl also taught on the “soul,” which is the breath of life that Yahweh puts into our bodies. “Does the air within the body think?” No, and when death comes, the air goes back to Yahweh, returned to the firmament and cleansed by the life forces therein. The dead know nothing; they do not have an immortal soul.

Yes, this was a Sabbath among Sabbaths and Yisrayl stirred up our scriptural inquisitiveness by mentioning the Blood Avenger – yet another Perfect Law of Yahweh. Undoubtedly, many took to their Scriptures, and study helps to refresh their minds in anticipation of lessons yet to come.

We end this review with words of Yisrayl Hawkins…

“Repent. Come to The House of Yahweh. Be converted – that’s the only way you’ll have life.”