The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 6/07/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


An “attitude of servitude” thrives at the Great House of Yahweh thanks to the teachings of Yisrayl Hawkins. The Last Days Witness, by his tireless example, has magnified the life and teachings of Yahshua Messiah, a selfless life in service to others, fulfilling prophecy and the example to follow.

On this day, we heard from several Great Teachers in Yahweh’s House.  Their messages, distinct, yet connected in a main thought – learning to teach in order to teach others a peaceful way of life.

The Highlights

    • What will the Kingdom of Yahweh be like? It will be a Kingdom of Service! Forever showing care and concern for others.


    • Finding a job in the Great Work of Yahweh is part of following the example set by our High Priest, Yahshua. Furthermore, we understand that Yahweh Himself is a Servant to His Creation. Why is this important for man? Yahweh keeps everything going and without Him, we would not exist.


    • Yahshua said the Greatest in the Kingdom must be a Servant. Why did He say this? A true servant shows love and concern; they bring joy and peace. Today, these fine teachers of righteousness dispelled many commonly held misconceptions on the subjects of slavery and servitude.


    • We were also encouraged to set righteous goals, goals to benefit self and others. How can we achieve these goals? Reading the materials offered through the House of Yahweh will help everyone (no one is left out) to find The Way – Yahweh’s Way – to attain Righteousness.


    • Taking on the Character of Yahweh is another fine and worthy goal. How can we do this? Expounding on the “13 attributes” of Yahweh, as presented in the Book of Exodus, and by reviewing a 2003 Workshop Manual, Yahweh’s people enjoyed a mini-refresher on Yahweh’s awesome character traits. They see the need to build these attributes within their own lives.


    • How can we fulfill prophecy with the same humility as our High Priest, Yahshua Messiah? How can we look forward to the Kingdom of Yahweh with the same zeal as our Pastor, Yisrayl Hawkins? To answer that we were reminded to focus on the task before us and earnestly look for the fulfillment of all prophecies. We should long for the Day of Yahweh and look for the promised New Heaven and New Earth. Desiring to teach is core to what we want. Why is teaching so important to us? It is important because of what we know! We know (we have been taught) the way to achieve full joyful productive lives.


    • Today, people are praying for rain. However, when they gathered to pray on June 1, 2014, they did not consider that a warning had been given. Who warned them? When were they warned? In 2007, when area lakes were still full, no problems in sight, Yisrayl Hawkins stated that drought was imminent. He expressly said that sin is and will continue to cause these troubles.


    • We can teach our children to think. Will TV teach children? Yes, in the ways of Babylon. Instead, we can teach them to think like Yahweh. A great example is the eating of pork. Of course, there are Laws against it, but why? Yahweh created the pig for a job and He created its body accordingly – that is why we do not eat pork.


    • Yahweh’s Laws teach being respectful. What do violent video games teach? Future violent behaviors as children often act out what they see. These games desensitize viewers and this is the reason the military uses them. What are better teaching tools? The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program and the Laws of Yahweh will develop respectful children and adults.


    • On that note, Scripture also warns on the dangers of drunkenness. Real life stories testify to the effects of alcohol on the body. Reading from an article entitled, Did the Pope Really Say That?, we compare the sharp contrast between the teachings of Yisrayl Hawkins and that of the Roman Catholic Pope. Partying, eating pizza and drinking beer is not what is taught in Yahweh’s Great House.


We end this Sabbath Review with a scripture from the Book of Luke – Be on guard! See to it that our minds are never clouded! Learn to teach, maintain that attitude of servitude, and hang on like a bulldog.