The House of Yahweh Sabbath Review – 5/31/2014

A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Study is an important aspect of life in The House of Yahweh. While many seek entertainment throughout the world, Yahweh’s Servants seek to build their minds and to please Yahweh. Their lives are full and active with the purpose of teaching peace, to see an end to the widespread misery that sin has wrought upon all life.

This week’s Sabbath Service promoted those efforts and the congregation certainly rejoiced in the work of the Peaceful Solution Missionary Team, as they reached over a thousand residents of Houston, TX.

Our first Group of Speakers: Young Future Priests and Deacons of The House of Yahweh

The program began with a video clip of their recent trip. We saw “The Team” in action and noted the response of the students, parents, and teachers.

“Houston We Have a Solution,” was the clear and undeniable message this young team brought to parents, teachers, and students. Focusing on the character trait of respect, they taught how best to handle disrespect, by not adding “fuel to the fire.” Teaching the value of Self-Control is fundamental to managing oneself under disrespectful confrontations.

The young team saw firsthand the necessity for The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. They witnessed verbal and physical attacks students displayed toward one another thereby confirming the need for daily instruction in positive character development. Some role-playing techniques came to the rescue and many students responded well in finding better ways to resolve their conflicts.

The team also managed several booths displaying feature manuals such as The Peaceful Solution Parenting Manual and The Early Learners Program. Parents and teachers alike voiced their interest as they expressed the overwhelming need for lessons on how to be respectful.

Seeing growing numbers of people seeking for positive solutions was very encouraging for this young group. They see the need, for what they are striving to accomplish. Disrespect can be hurtful and without proper guidance, children simply do not know how to respond appropriately.

Observers of all ages came to appreciate the love and concern freely displayed by the teachers of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.

Our Second Group of Speakers: The Great Kohans

The Kohans taught several character traits by expounding on their merits. They remind us it takes time to teach positive character and we must allow our actions, words, and attitudes to be the positive example we set. If we are zealous for the goal of helping others, we will demonstrate a responsibility toward our studies, knowing it will directly increase our ability to teach.

Other character traits discussed included steadfastness, persistence, and preparedness. Parallels drawn between the lowly donkey and Yahweh’s loyal servants, in these last days, refreshed our minds and hearts. Built to carry the load, for as long as it takes, begins to describe the endurance to persevere under pressure, which Yahweh’s Servants strive to do. Scriptural references to consider the ant, reminds us to prepare by study and humble obedience.

A quick recap on the three steps to stop all wars kept our thoughts to the objective and the huge task that lies ahead. Today’s children are brought up by parents, who themselves played video games. This fact explains many of the problems we see today, including large numbers of teens who commit suicide every year in the USA and throughout the world.

Seeing the value of life, the value of each person is a central message of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. In order to keep that perspective the Great Kohans admonished the people of Yahweh to remain in unity and look forward to the soon coming Feast of Pentecost, when we gather in one accord at Yahweh’s Great House.

We wrap up the Sabbath Review with a quote from one of our dedicated Future Priests who said, “The only thing that matters is to find honor in Yahweh’s Eyes.” Therefore, let us strive to continue with our studies and support one another, tethered to the Chosen Branch.