Disunity Continues to Build



Yisrayl Explains the Disunity Between Religions…


The religions never stop the shootings in the world today.


Anger is voiced from the poor and needy to the highest seat in the White House. It’s even voiced in the house of the Gods by 4,199 religions.


It’s strange but very true; President Obama made the statement that “we really need to read the Scriptures”.


This statement is strange today, because the Vatican actually writes letters for the pope to read, condemning those who practice Yahweh’s Righteousness.


However, Yahweh’s Righteousness is the Perfect Peace for all people, and can only be found in The Book of Yahweh and the renditions or versions of The Book of Yahweh, such as the King James Version.


Book of Yahweh?


Isayah 34:16

16 Search out The Book of Yahweh, and read. Not one of these will be neglected. For it is written: Yahweh is their Shepherd; for His Mouth has commanded it, and His Spirit has gathered them.


One letter that the Vatican had Pope Francis read said, “people who study the Inspired Scriptures become idiots”.

·         Of course, the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t read The Book of Yahweh or even their own “authorized” versions, such as the King James Version.

·         They use the writings of their own Godworshipping writers who make up the rules for the Roman Catholic Church, in such a way not to cause people to repent or convert to Yahweh’s Righteousness.




Yahweh is the Name given in the original Inspired Scriptures as the Name of the Creator.

·         It’s not in the King James Version or most other versions, because the evil, powerful Roman Catholic Church and its army passed laws against revealing the Name Yahweh.

·         This was done to make the people forget the Name Yahweh. That was taking place as early as 599 BY (Before Yahshua) when the Catholic priests still called themselves the elders of Israyl.


They had hidden their real name – Catholic.

·         The word Catholic means universal, which means they worship all the Gods of the universe. They were worshipping the Gods, as shown in the days of Yahweh’s Prophet Yeremyah around the year 599 BY, and caused the Name of the Creator to be forgotten.


Yeremyah 23:26-27

26 How long will this be in the heart of the prophets who prophesy lies? Yes, they are prophets of the deceit of their own minds;

27 Who devise; plan and scheme, to cause My People to forget My Name through their dreams, which they tell every man to his neighbor, just as their fathers have forgotten My Name for Baal; Lord.


Remember, the very word Catholic means they worship all Gods. Satan is their leader.


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