Yahshua prophesied to His Disciples in Mattithyah 24:1-2. He told them what would occur to the Temple in Jerusalem. Less than a hundred years later, that prophecy came to pass.

Yisrayl brings the details to our attention… Yahshua Messiah, in answer to His twelve Disciples’ question concerning the end of man’s governments of and by the people, first told them that this beautiful building, which was originally called The House of Yahweh, would not be left with one stone upon another that would not be […] Read more »

Yisrayl Hawkins Responds to Pope Francis’ Comments on Worldliness

Yisrayl Holds Nothing Back in Rebuttal… The heavens are shown to you, Pope Francis, in the Book of Revelation, speaking directly to you and the Vatican, which sits on; that is, judges the kings of the earth from the seven hills of Rome. Revelation 18:5 5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and Yahweh […] Read more »

Yahweh’s Name and Yahshua’s Name were forgotten for thousands of years. In these Last Days, Their Names have been restored – but why were they forgotten?

Yisrayl Exposes Those Responsible… Remember, the Catechisms of the Catholic Church shows that the popes removed the Name Yahshua and replaced it with the God Jesus. But the True Name of the Savior is Yahshua, which means Yahweh will save His People from their sins. Now notice: Hebrews 10:21 21 And having a High Priest […] Read more »