Yahshua the Passover Lamb

Yahshua the Passover Lamb Yisrayl Proves By Law… We see unrepentant, impenitent chief priests of Israyl working in cahoots with Pontius Pilate and other Roman authorities, denying Yahshua as their Messiah and King. We see Roman soldiers who were ancestors of the twelve tribes and part of the family of the twelve tribes that Mosheh […] Read more »

Leviticus – The Health Book

Leviticus – The Health Book Yisrayl Shows Why This Health Book is Neglected Today… Yahweh shows us in Leviticus Chapter 18 the cause of diseases, and the religion that is taking them to all nations. First the Book: Leviticus 18:6-30 6 None of you shall approach anyone who is near of kin to him, in […] Read more »

Diseases Are No Accident

Diseases Are No Accident Yisrayl Proves Sin Causes Diseases… Mattithyah 24:7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, and pestilences; disease epidemics, and earthquakes; natural disasters, in place after place: Yahshua says in this Scripture that these diseases will be the worst ever in this generation. Mattithyah […] Read more »

Sin At Its Peak

Sin At Its Peak Sin is at Its Peak Now Says Yisrayl… You have probably got several diseases now, the doctors say. It takes a while before symptoms are felt, and a little while longer before they start showing. You have probably passed on many to your offspring. They, too, will feel and see them […] Read more »

In the Last Days

In the Last Days Yisrayl Shows the Prophecies… Micahyah 4:1-3 1 But in the Last Days it will come to pass that the mountain; promotion, of The House of Yahweh will be established in the chief of the nations. It will be raised above all congregations; and all peoples will eventually flow to it. 2 […] Read more »

My Lord, My Master, and Deception of Gods

My Lord, My Master, and Deception of Gods Yisrayl Provides Evidence… The Bible dictionaries say that the word Lord should not have been used to replace the Name of the Creator, Yahweh, in the versions such as the King James Version. Unger’s Bible Dictionary on page 665 gives us the following information: LORD. The rendering […] Read more »