Cause and Effect – No Peace in the Earth

      Yisrayl Shows Why Peace is Missing Today…   The 4,199 religions, beginning with the sinful Roman Catholic Church, which is the leader of all the others, teach and practice breaking Yahweh’s Laws.   Notice again the cause in: Isayah 24:5 5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants of it, because […] Read more »

The Sun Will Be Darkened

      Yisrayl Outlines the Scriptural Details…   From creation until this generation, horses and wagons were used for travel. There were no bombs or missiles, no planes, television or satellites, etc. All of these things came into use with the knowledge increase in 1934, which was prophesied in your bible by Yahweh, the […] Read more »

The Year 1934 Changed Everything

      Yisrayl Presents Details…   Nuclear burning will take place in this generation.   Mattithyah 24:3, 7, 21-22, 29, 33-34 3 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the Disciples came to Him privately, saying; Tell us, when will these things be? What will be the sign of Your coming and […] Read more »

Cursed From the Earth

      Being cursed from the earth? Yisrayl explains…   God worshipers following sin were actually bringing curses upon themselves.   They were cursed from the earth because of their harmful actions and sinful activities that actually brought harm to the earth.   This is shown in many Scriptures.   Genesis 3:17-19 17 Then […] Read more »

05-19-2018 YPN News

    Jeff: Welcome to YPN News. Bringing you news as it relates to Bible Prophecy as foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. Well today in the news Caton we are going to first talk about Pope Francis and a couple comments that he made regarding the Sabbath day in his interview with 60 minutes. We had […] Read more »

Curses Come Because of Sin

  Yisrayl Shows Yahweh is not to Blame…   “The Prophecy of Damascus”   Isayah 17:1 The burden of Damascus: Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city; it will be a ruinous heap.   When bringing forth Yahweh’s Prophecies to the world, showing them that only Yahweh can foretell, and has foretold, what a […] Read more »