YPN News 1-28-2017

INTRO: Pay close attention, the news you are about to see is fulfilling Bible Prophecy.   Caton: Welcome to another edition of YPN News bringing you news as it relates to Bible Prophecy and foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. Living for six days without lungs, building walls of division and how close are we to doomsday? […] Read more »

Search Out The Book of Yahweh and Read (Isayah 34:16)

    Yisrayl Says We Need to Understand the Prophecies…   The inspired Writings of Yahweh’s Prophets and Apostles prove themselves to be the Instruction from the Creator, Yahweh, because –   ·         Yahweh foretells the future events ·         His Prophecies always come true   That proves the Scriptures come from a Higher Power than […] Read more »