These Are Indeed “Like the Days of Noah”

    Yisrayl Explains How This Is So…   Let me show you the difference in worshipping Yahweh and the worship of the Gods.   The Creator Yahweh Was Rejected For the Gods – Still So in This Generation   The Book of Romans reveals to us this rejection, Yahweh’’s warning; and Yahweh allowing Yahdah […] Read more »

Search Out The Book of Yahweh and Read (Isayah 34:16)

    Yisrayl Says We Need to Understand the Prophecies…   The inspired Writings of Yahweh’s Prophets and Apostles prove themselves to be the Instruction from the Creator, Yahweh, because –   ·         Yahweh foretells the future events ·         His Prophecies always come true   That proves the Scriptures come from a Higher Power than […] Read more »

I Will Send Yliyah (Elijah) Before the Great Day of Yahweh

      Yisrayl Details What the Prophet Was Talking About…   Malakyah 4:5-6 5 Behold, I will send Yliyah: the Laws and the Prophets, which is the Strength of Yahweh, before the coming of the Great and Wonderful Day of Yahweh; 6 And it will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, […] Read more »

Same Lie Satan Told Eve

    Yisrayl Exposes Satan’s Lies Today…   The Egyptians worshipped all Gods. ·         That is why their name is Catholic, meaning universal. ·         This means they worship all Gods.   Yahweh is not a God. ·         Coptic Catholics do not worship Yahweh. ·         They reject Yahweh and His Laws, as does all Christianity.   […] Read more »